International Sites

International Sites

REACH sites are available for residents to spend a month on elective. Each residency program must approve visits to international sites. REACH can help coordinate the experience.

Why are there no photos of people on our website?

REACH holds our residents on electives at international sites to the same standards as we do when they are working at our own hospitals, clinics, and practices. We respect patient privacy and do not use their photos in our media.

REACH is also actively working to decrease medical tourism and reduce one-time electives to support our goal of building long-term partnerships with our international colleagues.

The following sites have established contacts with resources and support for resident electives.

The Caribbean & South America

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Work with the academic St. Damien’s Consortium at Haiti’s only free-standing Children’s hospital. (See

Milot, Haiti

Work at the Sacre Coeur Hospital (See

Colon, Honduras

Work with one of our former Pediatric Chief residents at a rural Honduran hospital doing a mixture of inpatient and outpatient work.


Katosi Village, Uganda

Provide health education to individuals in a remote fishing village in Uganda as part of a long term collaborative partnership with the Katosi people. (See


Indian Himalayas

Participate with teams working in remote, isolated and gorgeous regions of the Indian Himalayas with Himalayan Health Exchange. (See


Targu Mures, Romania

Emergency Medicine elective in Romania working with emergency health care services as part of the SMURD project.(See

Native American Health

Fort Defiance, Arizona

Inpatient and outpatient medicine on a Navajo reservation.

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