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Tips for safe and healthy travel during the holidays

November 19, 2019

Planning a trip? You’re not alone. More than 40 million Americans travel outside of the U.S. each year. Find out how to stay healthy and safe.

What you need to know about the visitor policy change

November 19, 2019

To protect young patients whose immune systems are most susceptible while in the hospital, Baystate Children's Hospital is temporarily amending its visitor policy.

Population Health Clerkship presentation

Students "Embedded" in Community Agencies: What They Learned

November 12, 2019

Medical and pharmacy students were "embedded" in service organizations this fall as part of their Population Health Clerkship. They presented their experiences to an audience of legislators, community members, and faculty at UMass Medical School's Baystate campus.

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Talk turkey this Thanksgiving: Learn about your family’s health history

November 11, 2019

Armed with information about your family’s health history, you and your doctor can take proactive steps to keep you healthy. This Thanksgiving, take the opportunity to talk to your relatives about their health.

Veteran Mental Health Forum at Baystate Medical Center

November 06, 2019

WGBY 57 Connecting Point: Baystate Medical Center hosts a forum on first response for veterans in crisis.

PURCH Featured on Voices of UMass Med podcast

PURCH Medical School Track Featured on UMass Med Podcast

November 05, 2019

In this Voices of UMassMed podcast you'll learn how visits to a grocery store, jail, homeless shelter, and a car mechanic are used to teach population health concepts to medical students in Baystate's PURCH track.

4 tips for controlling asthma

November 04, 2019

Baystate pulmonologist Dr. Pinto-Plata offers tips for controlling asthma successfully.


Rays of Hope Shines Despite Rain

November 02, 2019

Thousands of walkers and runners came out to support the 2019 Rays of Hope Walk & Run Toward the Cure of Breast Cancer.

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Holding space for death, and finding meaning in it

November 02, 2019

No One Dies Alone is a program that offers companionship and support to patients who are nearing death and have no family or friends to sit with them at the end of their lives.

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Gratitude: How can you benefit from the practice?

November 01, 2019

Two studies have shown there are a number of physical and mental benefits to being grateful. Learn some easy ways you can show gratitude during the holidays.