Office of Research

Our Office of Research helps researchers conduct research responsibly and ethically. We strive to promote honesty, integrity, and transparency and have adopted policies and procedures to ensure that personal interests do not interfere with how research at Baystate is designed, conducted, or reported.

E-mail the Office of ResearchCall us: 413-794-3391

Baystate Research Facility

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and the Baystate Research Facility (BRF) oversees and evaluates all animal care and use. The IACUC is responsible for review and approval of all animal use protocols. The BRF has ample lab space and equipment available if you are interested in engaging in bench research.

Director: Carolanne Lovewell, RLATG, CPIA │413-794-9683

Clinical Trials Office (CTO)

The Clinical Trials Office works to increase the availability of clinical trials for patients in western Massachusetts. Findings will be used to advance the delivery of the latest cutting-edge therapies to our patients.

Program Director: Gerard Coly, MD, MPH, CCRP │413-794-6245
Associate Director/Sub Investigator: Viorika Nelson, DNP, FNP-C │413-794-0903

Epidemiology and Biostatistics Research Core (EBRC)

The Epidemiology and Biostatistics Research Core supports Baystate faculty in their clinical research and research education and has broad expertise in research methods, data analysis, and scientific writing.

Director: Paul Visintainer, PhD │413-794-7686

Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) and Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The Human Research Protection Program and Institutional Review Board will help you navigate the regulations and compliance for human subjects protection and give you tools to help you get started.

Director: Shemetra Owens, CIP, CIM │413-795-0301

Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute (PVLSI)

The Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute (PVLSI) was formed as a partnership between the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Baystate Medical Center and is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to biomedical research. PVLSI is the home to HistoSpring which provides histological services, microscopy services and tissue registry access to the research community.

Research Compliance

The Research Compliance Program strives to promote best practices and ethical behavior by managing risk and encouraging strong accountability at all levels, in collaboration with institutional colleagues responsible for compliance implementation. The program functions as a mechanism to address uses that transcend departments through communication, training, and integrated processes such as HIPAA and conflict of interest review.

Director: Jennifer Pacheco, MPH, CHRC, CIM, CIP │413-794-3458

Research Systems

The Research Systems Department supports the integration and development of all research-related IT systems and applications, as well as the support and upgrades of analytic software. The team works closely with I&T to ensure standards and policies align within the institutions larger I&T context and constantly looks for ways to improve workflow and efficiency for the Office of Research.

Program Director: Deb Leclerc │413-795-0307

Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA)

The Sponsored Programs Administration can help you find funding for your research and review your proposal submissions.

Director: Louann D'Angelo (Interim) │413-795-0304

Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property

Our Office of Technology Transfer facilitates and promotes the development of innovative technologies at Baystate.

Technology Transfer Officer: Todd Keiller, MBA │508-395-4221

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