Epidemiology and Biostatistics Core (EBRC)

The Epidemiology and Biostatistics Research Core (EBRC) supports Baystate faculty, fellows and residents in clinical research and research education.

We have a team of epidemiologists, statisticians, and a data scientist with Masters or PhD-level training who have broad expertise in research methods, data analysis, and scientific writing. They have a total of more than 70 years’ experience in clinical research, have published several hundred articles in major scientific journals, and handle more than 200 projects a year.

Research Support

We collaborate with clinical investigators by:

  1. Developing study designs and research protocols, including:
    1. Randomization schemes
    2. Power analysis and sample size computations
    3. Relevant written sections of grants, manuscripts, and presentations
  2. Assisting in developing survey instruments
  3. Creating databases and data entry schemes in RedCap (Research Electronic Data Capture)
  4. Conducting data analyses, including:
    1. Linear regression and ANOVA
    2. Logistic regression (unconditional, conditional, multinomial, and ordered)
    3. Time-to-event analysis, hierarchical linear modeling, analysis of complex survey designs.
    4. Meta-analysis
    5. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and spatial analysis

Research Skills Education

We help advance the research skills of faculty, fellows, and residents by:

  1. Mentoring individuals in practical statistics, database design and management and study design as part of the research process.
  2. Mentoring college students interested in the health field and research through Baystate’s Undergraduate Programs.
  3. Conducting group seminars on study design, approaches to and interpretations of data analyses and research studies.
  4. Providing support for reviewing research articles and applying evidenced-based practice methods to article critiques.


Alexander Knee, MS, Director
Vida Rastegar, MPH, Biostatistician
Donna Wilson, MS, Biostatistician
Pete St. Marie, Data Scientist

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