Radiology Residency Conferences

Baystate offers numerous intra- and inter-departmental subspecialty radiology conferences.


  • Noon conference: a combination of didactic and case-based presentations by the radiology faculty


  • Physics by Tufts (web-ex)
  • Neuroradiology Conferences
  • Pediatric Surgery/ Radiology Conference


  • Gross Autopsy Conference
  • Medicine Autopsy Conference
  • Medicine/Radiology Conference
  • Breast Oncology Conference
  • Neuroradiology Conference
  • Pediatric Radiology Conference
  • Pediatric Surgery and Radiology Conference
  • Radiology/Cardiology Conference
  • GI Radiology Conference
  • GI Oncology Conference
  • Surgical M & M Conference
  • Thoracic Oncology Conference
  • GYN/ONC Radiology Conference


  • Week-long board preparation for core exam

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