Continuity Experience for Pediatrics Residents

All pediatrics residency programs have a continuity experience. Ours is different!

You Will Have Your Own Panel of Patients

At other programs you may work with a community pediatrician, seeing his or her patients, not your own.

Here, you will follow your personal panel of children, observing their physical, developmental and emotional growth over the course of your 3 years at Baystate Children's Hospital. You will be responsible for their care, following up on labs, making phone calls, and so forth.

More Than Well Child Visits

A typical resident template is filled with some well child care, but also includes follow-up or return visits, urgent visits, and newborn visits.

Your patients, ranging in age from birth to 18 years, come from a very ethnically, economically and socially diverse community. You will see the gamut of medical and social problems!

We Are Serious About Patient Continuity

You will be part of a team that has its own physician leader, nurse and medical assistant. This limits the number of providers a family is exposed to, and makes communication between providers easier. We also have social workers, case managers, mental health providers, and interpreters on site.

Each time you are in clinic, you will be paired with a nurse or medical assistant to provide the support you need for that session.

A Second Continuity Session Lets You Glimpse Life After Residency

Most pediatric medicine occurs in the outpatient setting. Experience what your career after residency may be like by taking a second continuity session in a community general pediatrics practice or a subspecialty clinic in your second and third year.

Each resident has two half days of continuity sessions a week during ambulatory and elective months—seven months in each of the last two years. Many second and third year residents opt to take their second continuity session offsite, and have worked in the pediatric infectious diseases clinic, the pediatric hematology-oncology clinic, the pediatric cardiology clinic, the endocrinology clinic, pediatric GI clinic, growth and nutrition clinic, the Emergency Room, or in a community primary care office, to name a few.

About Baystate High Street Health Center

The resident continuity clinic is held at High Street Health Center—General Pediatrics in the heart of downtown Springfield. The Health Center is a patient-centered medical home practice and part of an accountable care organization (ACO). Patients are supported in learning to manage and organize their own healthcare, making them active participants in their healthcare choices.

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