Anesthesiology Research Clinical Scientist Track

The Research Clinical Scientist Track is designed to provide residents with an opportunity to devote a block of time to clinical or laboratory research. The program is offered during the CA-3 year (up to a 6 month block). Neil Roy Connelly, MD, Director of Anesthesia Research, is the director of the program.

The program seeks to provide the framework for you to participate actively as a Principal Investigator in a specific study. Under the close direction of a faculty member from the Department of Anesthesiology, or a mentor from another Department who is deemed to be appropriate, you are expected to:

  1.  Detail her/his plan in the application for the CST
  2. Participate actively in the design and performance of studies
  3. Complete the framework for the project prior to the start of the research rotation in order to ensure worthwhile use of the non-clinical time during the research rotation
  4. Give a research presentation to the Department
  5. Submit an abstract and/or a paper for publication.

You are also strongly encouraged to attend research seminars and discussions in an effort to broaden your research experience. You are expected to present a detailed proposal outlining the time commitment involved.

Research Track Goals

  • Review the current anesthesia literature
  • Become facile at doing library searches
  • Understand the research process
  • Development of an idea
  • Writing up the proposal
  • Submitting the proposal to the Hospital Patient Protection Committee
  • Development of data collection sheets
  • Recruitment of patients into the protocol
  • The process of data entry and analysis
  • Proper selection of statistical tests
  • Abstract preparation and submission
  • Journal submission
  • Participate in the presentation of at least one abstract/paper at a major meeting
  • Publish at least one abstract
  • Publish at least one paper in a refereed major journal

Criteria For Evaluating Residents

The mentor of a resident in the Clinical Scientist Track should meet with the resident regularly to discuss his/her progress and her/his development as young investigator. At the completion of the CST rotation, the mentor should provide a written summary of resident performance to the Director of Anesthesiology Research and the Director of the Residency Program. This letter should include, but not be limited to, assessments of overall performance, dedication, creativity, and effort.

Research Track Resources

  • Faculty
    All faculty can potentially serve as a mentor for a research project. The research interests of the faculty can be obtained from the Director of Research, Dr. Neil Connelly.
  • Staff
    The department employs 2 full time research assistants to facilitate projects in any way they are needed. If your project has extensive time demands you should discuss this with Dr. Connelly so that arrangements can be made.

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