The happiest residents in the country

Year after year applicants tell us that our residents are friendly, approachable, and supportivethe happiest group of Med-Peds residents they've met on their interview journey.

Our residents like to get together quite a lot, inside and outside of the hospital. Whether you are new to the area, or just new to our program, it won’t be hard to find someone to show you around.

Here, the focus is on you, the resident. Elsewhere, it's common for fellows to dominate clinical training. But we have 22 faculty for our 32 residents—and no fellows.

Our faculty are med-peds leaders

All of our program directors have served as president of the Medicine-Pediatrics Program Director's Association.

Our Program Director and Associate Program Director are med-peds trained, and the majority of our faculty are double-boarded in pediatrics and internal medicine.

And, all of our hospitalist faculty are med-peds trained.

Continuity clinic: all ages, all stages

Our continuity clinic was the first combined med-peds ambulatory training site in the U.S.

You will have your own panel of patients to follow for four years, coordinating care for babies, children, and adults of all ages, and across the spectrum of health needs.

You'll get wide-ranging experience: suturing wounds, performing skin biopsies, giving joint injections, doing HIV testing and counseling, as well as treating chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma.

Yes, there is life outside the clinic

And we encourage you to experience it.

Ninety-five percent of our residents say they love the outdoors. They want to ski, bike, camp, and climb. But they also appreciate cultural diversions—theater, concerts, lectures, museums. See what else makes living here so special.

We want to help you succeed in med-peds!

We're happy to answer your questions. Call us at 413-794-3998.

The Medicine-Pediatrics Residency at UMass Chan Medical School-Baystate is ACGME-accredited.


Baystate Medical Center, regional campus of UMass Chan Medical School, is a leader in the national med-peds community—all of our medicine-pediatrics residency program directors have served in the national executive committee with the Med-Peds Program Director's Association.

Our residency program has a reputation for training not only exceptional med-peds physicians, but balanced and compassionate individuals. Our residents are frequently described by applicants as the happiest residents they have met at any program. We take tremendous pride in the education we offer to our residents, and we invite you to discover if Baystate would be the best fit with your career goals.

Meet our team

Maura Muñoz, MD
Residency Program Director

Samuel H. Borden, MD
Associate Program Director

Natalya Maharaj, MD
Associate Program Director

Cecily Wiswall, MD
Associate Program Director

Janet Parrott
Program Administrator

Joshua Wielgosz
Program Coordinator

By the numbers

Program Metrics

  • 8 Med-Peds residents per class | 32 total
  • 28 Med-Peds trained faculty
  • In the past five years, approximately one-third of our graduates pursued fellowship, one-third primary care and one-third hospital medicine.

Baystate Metrics

  • Baystate Medical Center Hospital Beds: 716
  • Baystate Children's Hospital Beds: 110
  • Residency Programs: 10
  • Fellowship Programs: 25
Curriculum summary
  • Rotation q 3 months between Programs for all four years
  • Monthly Med-Peds conferences in addition to all the categorical conferences

Brief breakdown by year:
PG1: 2.5 Ambulatory months, 2 Pedi wards, 1.5 Med wards, Nursery, CCU, NICU, ER, Geri, Elect.
PG2: 3 Ambulatory months, 1 Pedi ward, 2 Med wards, ER, ICU, PICU, NICU, 1 Elect., Neurology
PG3: 1 Ambulatory month, 1 Pedi ward, 2 Med wards, Nursery, CCU, ER, NICU, 4 Elect.
PG4: 2 Ambulatory months, 2 Pedi wards, 1 Med ward, ICU, Consult, 5 Elect.

Resident life
  • We have attempted to maintain salaries in the 75th percentile nationally, and here in western Massachusetts, we enjoy a lower cost of living than in major urban areas. View our complete list of salaries and benefits.
  • 4 weeks vacation/year, meal subsidy, free parking
  • Disability/Malpractice/Health/Life Insurance
  • Lounge, library
  • Electronic Medical Record (Cerner Millennium)
  • Robust e-medicine resources (Up-to-Date, Ovid, Cochrane, UMass Medical Library, etc.)
  • Robust e-medicine resources (Up-to-Date, Ovid, Cochrane, etc.)
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software throughout hospital and med-peds ambulatory clinic
  • Professional educational funds and internal grants provided to residents to subsidize the cost of global health experiences
  • Professional education funds to subsidize the costs of regional and national poster presentations.
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A Wonderful Place To Be

Western Mass is a popular place to work, play and live - in every season!

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