Research in Progress Seminars

Online seminars

Thursdays from 12:00 - 1:00 pm

The Department of Healthcare Delivery and Population Sciences' biweekly research-in-progress seminar is a venue where trainees, local and visiting faculty, health system leaders, and representatives of community-based organizations and industry have the opportunity to present ongoing and planned research projects.

These seminars generally consist of presenting to 15-30 people representing DHDPS faculty and staff, clinical faculty, trainees, and health system leaders, and are informal, lively, and fun. You may also be interested in scheduling a Research Help Session.

  • We provide constructive feedback for projects at all stages of development, from study conception to analysis to presentation of results for conferences or manuscripts.
  • Feedback is given with the aims of teaching and learning about study design and analysis, improving the project being discussed, and giving presenters an opportunity to find collaborators within and beyond DHDPS.

How to Attend

If you would like to receive an email reminder about upcoming events or have an interest in sharing your work at one of these meetings, please contact us at

Meeting Schedule

Upcoming Sessions
May 9th, 2024 Ryan Coute, DO Topic TBA
May 23rd, 2024 Ellen Benjamin Topic TBA
May 30th, 2024 Thomas D'Annuo, PhD Topic TBA
June 6th, 2024 Valerie Vaughn, MD, MSc and Julia Szymczak, PhD The ROAD Home Trial: Evaluating a Participatory Tailored Approach to Reduce Overuse of Antibiotics at Hospital Discharge
July 17th, 2024 Surya Bhatt, MD, MPH Topic TBA
July 25th, 2024 Kimberley Geissler, PhD Topic TBA
Past 2024 Sessions
January 11th, 2024 Efren Flores, MD Advancing Equitable Access to Lung Cancer Screening
January 25th, 2024 Stephanie DeMasi, MD Investigating the efficacy and safety of routine paralysis in emergency intubation and its influence on patient centered outcomes
February 8th, 2024 Jennifer Tija, MD, MSCE, FAAHPM Topic TBA
February 29th, 2024 Jing Qian, PhD Topic TBA
March 14th, 2024 Alok Kapoor Topic TBA
March 28th, 2024 JoAnna Leyenaar, MD, PhD, MPH Topic TBA
April 4th, 2024 Mustafa Barbhuiya, PhD, FACSc Developing a Disease Burden and Prevalence-Based Essential Diagnostics List for the Western Massachusetts Population
April 25th, 2024 Alok Kapoor, MD, MSc Topic TBA

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