Faculty Appointment and Promotion

Baystate is the regional campus of the UMass Chan Medical School. Our affiliation with UMass Chan offers us the opportunity to partner with an institution that is a national leader in faculty affairs and career development for medical professionals. Please review the documents below and check out our video about the faculty appointment and promotion process.

Our faculty have non-tenure track appointments in UMass Chan – Baystate's 12 academic departments

UMass Chan Medical School-Baystate Faculty

Important Forms and Documents for Medical Faculty

More information and resources are available on the UMass Chan Office of Faculty Affairs website.

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CV Workshops

We invite departments and divisions to schedule CV workshops to help faculty with strategies to enhance faculty CVs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Appointment and Promotion Process

What is the first step in the appointment or promotion process?

The first step in the process is the creation of a Curriculum Vitae (CV). The CV must be in the UMass Chan format. Please use the CV template below:

How is the Area of Distinction (AOD) determined?

The AOD reflects one’s primary professional activities and is determined by the faculty member in conjunction with the Department Chair or Vice Chair for Academic Affairs. Options for Areas of Distinction are Health Care Delivery, Education, Investigation, or Population Health and Public Policy.

What are the academic ranks? What is a senior level rank?

The ranks are Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor. For most individuals, initial faculty appointment will be at the Assistant Professor level. Associate Professor and Professor are considered senior ranks.

Does time at the Assistant Professor level at another medical school count towards the minimum time required before one is eligible for promotion to Associate Professor?

Yes. Time spent at the Assistant Professor level at other medical schools will be taken into account.

Do I need to provide a narrative statement? Is there a guide on writing the narrative?

A narrative statement is strongly encouraged for academic promotion but not necessary for initial faculty appointment. Download the narrative statement guide (PDF)

Who solicits Letters of Evaluation for Academic Appointment or Promotion?

The Department Chair solicits these letters on behalf of the faculty member. Individuals will be asked to provide a list of potential evaluators. Faculty may not solicit letters directly.

Are there examples of what is considered established or senior level of activities in an Area of Distinction?

Yes. Download a list of examples (PDF)

Who is the primary staff contact for the appointment and promotion process?

The Departmental Academic Administrator is the primary staff contact. These individuals are responsible for compiling the “basic file” for appointments and promotions and liaise with the UMass Chan – Baystate Office of Faculty Affairs.

Anesthesiology Angela Dougherty Department of Anesthesiology, SG668A
Phone: 794-3520
Emergency Med. Lisa Courchesne Emergency Services Admin, S5433
Phone: 794-5375         
Family Med. Rhonda Caouette Department of Family Medicine, 48 Sanderson Street, Suite 203, Greenfield, MA
Phone: 773-2761     
Healthcare Delivery and Population Sciences Justine Budhram 3601 Main St. 3rd Floor
Phone: 794-2205      
Medicine Edlaina Guy Department of Medicine, S2677
Phone: 794-2984
Neurology Sheila Ortiz Department of Neurology, S4648
Phone: 794-4754
OB/Gyn Caitlin Glenn Department of ObGyn, S1688
Phone: 794-5457

Diane Warner

Department of Pathology, C1173
Phone: 794-4550
Pediatrics Laurie Thivierge Baystate Children’s Hospital, S3584
Phone: 794-5060
Psychiatry Adaliz Diaz Behavioral Health Admin, WG703
Phone: 794-4235
Radiology Elaine (Lainie) Kazin  Department of Radiology, D3160
Phone: 794-4644
Surgery Janice Alexander Department of Surgery, S3680
Phone: 794-5161

(Updated January 2024)

Career Development

What resources are available? 

The UMass Chan Office of Faculty Affairs website has the complete Criteria for Appointment and Promotion in the Non-Tenure Track.

In addition, Baystate Health offers a number of faculty development opportunities.

Who can help me with my academic career development planning?

The Department Chair or Department Vice Chair for Academic Affairs is the first point of contact for these types of conversations.

One-on-one academic career development consultations are also available at the UMass Chan-Baystate Office of Faculty Affairs. These can be requested by contacting Marc Labrie, MBA, Director of the Office of Faculty Affairs, at Marc.Labrie@baystatehealth.org.

Curriculum Vitae

How do I Document Giving Multiple Lectures to the Same Learners Every Year? Should I List them Individually?

Annual lectures provided to the same group of trainees, particularly if numerous, do not need to be listed individually. It is acceptable to state that lectures are given monthly, quarterly, etc. to “X” number and type of learner and to provide a sample of topics covered.


screenshot of educational activities on a cv

How do I List Time Spent with Learners in the Operating Room or in Clinic?

In the section entitled CLINICAL EDUCATION, list the location, number of contact hours and frequency, and type of learner (medical student, resident, fellow) in each setting e.g., OR, outpatient, inpatient.


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Where Should Letters to the Editor be Placed on the CV?

These publications are listed under NON-PEER REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS, even if they appear in a peer-reviewed journal.

May I Include Interviews with the Media, Lectures for the Public, or Print Materials Created for the Public on my CV?

Yes. These would go into the section entitled EDUCATION FOR THE PUBLIC/COMMUNITY EDUCATION.

Overview: UMass Chan-Baystate Appointment and Promotion Process

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