Fort Defiance Arizona

Fort Defiance Arizona

Dancer at Navajo Reservation Fort Defiance ArizonaBaystate Medical Center has an affiliation with the Fort Defiance Indian Hospital on the Navajo Reservation which is located on the border of Arizona and New Mexico—an area marked by deep canyons, buttes and mountains.

This is a 1-month call-free elective in outpatient pediatrics. Residents can also rotate through inpatient service, nursery and the emergency room.

Navajo Community

The Combined Navajo and Hopi Reservation is approximately 15,000 square miles (about the size of Massachusetts and Connecticut together). The Navajo tribe has more than 300,000 members. Socioeconomic conditions on the reservation are in general depressed with 40% of families with children living below the federal poverty guidelines and approximately 20% of households without running water. Navajo cultural traditions are strong on the reservation but rapid cultural change is underway. The Navajo language is heard in the community and on local radio stations, and many Navajo people seek health care from traditional healers.

Fort Defiance Indian HospitalHospital at Fort Defiance Az

  • High desert environment (7,000 feet above sea level)
  • Newly-built rural hospital
  • Level 2 emergency room
  • 6 pediatricians
  • 8 inpatient pediatric beds
  • Clinic sees an average of 40 - 100 children/day

Housing & Travel

High desert around Fort Defiance, AZHousing is provided to residents in a small 2-bedroom home that may be shared with another resident or student. Often housing can be arranged for families. Free meals are provided at the hospital cafeteria. A $500 - $700 stipend is available for travel expenses.

During time off, there are opportunities for hiking, biking and skiing.

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