Colon, Honduras

Hospital Loma de Luz is located in Balfate, Colón, Honduras, which is on the northeastern coast. It is a non-denominational mission hospital. Volunteers do not need to profess a specific faith to volunteer short-term at the hospital, but they must sign the hospital’s standard of conduct form. The hospital serves the local indigent population, and we average about 1000 patient visits/month. We have inpatient and outpatient services, 24-7 emergency services, and surgical, obstetrical/gynecological, pediatric specialty services, along with the full-spectrum of general medical care.

Residents are asked to serve for a minimum of 2 weeks. They do NOT have to speak Spanish to come. However, if not fluent in Spanish, they will need to pay for a translator to work with them. Translators cost $40/24-hr call (residents should expect to be on-call 2 times a week), and $10/clinic day. Housing will cost no more than $220 for a month.

We ask that residents be in the second half of their training (so half-way through the 2nd year if peds, in at least their third year if med-peds) and in good-standing with their program.

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