4th Year Medical Student Electives

4th Year electives at UMass Chan-Baystate

Each year, we host 300+ medical students in more than 30 electives.

We welcome visiting students from medical schools accredited by LSME and AACOM, as well as from international medical schools.

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Electives by department

Each elective is four weeks in length

Elective rotation dates

Note: Those marked "PURCH Only" are reserved for PURCH medical students

Course #
Course Name
ABTS-414 Advanced Biomedical Translational Sciences PURCH only
AN-400 Anesthesiology
EM-4004 Emergency Clinical Problem Solver PURCH only
EM-404 Emergency Medicine
EM-405 Emergency Medicine Research
EM-4115 Emergency Medicine Ultrasound
FC-448 Quality & Patient Safety
ME-301  Subinternship in Medicine (Required) PURCH only
Subinternship in Medicine (Elective)
ME-406 Clinical Cardiology
ME-409 Critical Care Medicine  
ME-4137 Pulmonary Diseases
ME-416 Gastroenterology
ME-418 Geriatric Medicine
ME-4192 PURCH Scholarly Writing PURCH only
ME-4193 PURCH Narrative Medicine PURCH only
ME-4194 PURCH/AHEC Rural Health PURCH only
ME-4195 PURCH Community Response to COVID 19 PURCH only
ME-4196 PURCH Preventative Care: Design Your Own Mobile Health Clinic as a Model of Care for Under-served Communities PURCH only
ME-4197 Topics in Clinical Research PURCH only
ME-423 Infectious Diseases
ME-425 Nephrology
ME-4433 Medicine Consult 
ME-449 Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
ME-450 Ambulatory Care
NS-402 Neurosurgery
NU-417 Neurology

NU-438 Sleep Medicine
OB-410 Gynecologic Oncology 
OB-433 High Risk Obstetrics
OB-438 Gynecology Subinternship
OB-448 Urogynecology & Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery
OB-449 Contraception and Family Planning
PA-416 Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
PA-425 Introduction to Transfusion/Apheresis Medicine
PE-403 Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Subinternship
PE-404 Subinternship in Pediatrics
PE-410 Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
PE-4107 Inpatient Medicine-Pediatrics
PE-428 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Acting Internship
PE-442 Primary Care Medicine-Pediatrics
PE-444 Community Medicine-Pediatrics
PE-495 Pediatric Subspecialties
PS-416 Child Psychiatry
PS-423 Adult Inpatient Psychiatry
PS-493 Psychiatric Consultative Medicine
RA-400 Diagnostic Radiology
SU-401 Subinternship in General Surgery
SU-403 Subinternship in Pediatric Surgery
SU-404 Surgical Intensive Care 
SU-408 Colorectal Surgery
SU-412 Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
SU-413 Trauma Surgery 
SU-419 Surgical Oncology  Subinternship
SU-431 Breast Surgery
SU-471 Cardiac Surgery
SU-489 Subinternship in Acute Care Surgery
XX-4020 PURCH Scholarly Writing PURCH only
PURCH Curriculum Development PURCH only


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