Cytopathology Fellowship

Cytopathology Fellowship, UMass Chan-Baystate

Our 1-year ACGME-approved Cytopathology Fellowship program curriculum provides comprehensive training in all aspects of cytopathology.

The combination of patient material and volume, motivated expert faculty, and a cooperative and friendly atmosphere will provide you with valuable experience that will help you acquire the skills you seek in your development as a cytopathologist.

One of the largest laboratories in New England

The wide breadth of interesting clinical material in our cytopathology lab offers excellent educational opportunities:

  • approximately 50,000 cases per year
  • 5,000 of which are nongynecologic—including approximately 1,800 fine needle aspiration biopsies.

Faculty trained at many of the top academic centers

Our board-certified cytopathologists, hematopathologists, and teaching cytotechnologist have diverse clinical and research interests.

And, they are dedicated to providing outstanding education to our fellows.

Cooperative and friendly environment

  • Quality group of experienced cytotechnologists
  • Skilled, committed support staff
  • Excellent physical space.


Our 1-year ACGME-approved fellowship program at UMass Chan Medical School-Baystate is structured to provide comprehensive training in all aspects of cytopathology.

Meet the team

Fellowship Director:

Roxanne Florence, MD email:

Fellowship Program Administrator:

Kerry Hayes email: phone: 413-794-5085

By the numbers

Program and department metrics

  • Length of fellowship: 1 year
  • Number of fellows per academic year: 1
  • Number of faculty: Department of Pathology - 21
  • Cytopathology Division - 5 cytopathologists, 3 hematopathologists, 1 education cytotechnologist
  • Cytopathology & Surgical Pathology Annual Specimen Volumes: Cytopathology: Pap Tests - 44,600 | Non-Gyn - 6,800 | FNA Biopsies - 1,800 | HPV Tests - 13,700: Surgical Pathology: 40,000

Baystate metrics

  • Number of hospital beds: 716
  • Number of residency programs: 10
  • Number of fellowship programs: 22
Fellow benefits and facilities
  • We have attempted to maintain salaries in the 75th percentile nationally, and here in western Massachusetts, we enjoy a lower cost of living than in major urban areas. View our complete list of salaries and benefits.
  • 4 weeks vacation/year, free parking
  • Disability/Malpractice/Health/Life Insurance
  • Large on-campus library, robust e-medicine resources (Up-to-Data, Ovid, etc)
Program strengths
  • High volume of diverse and interesting specimens
  • Five board-certified staff cytopathologists, all of whom additionally sign-out surgical pathology
  • Excellent one-on-one daily sign-out and teaching with staff cytopathologists
  • Dedicated teaching cytotechnologist with over 25 years of experience
  • Detailed and clearly-defined teaching conference schedule, reading schedule, and schedule of one-on-one teaching sessions with the education cytotechnologist
  • Quality group of experienced cytotechnologists
  • Excellent, committed support staff with a friendly work environment
  • Computerized, continually-updated glass slide teaching file, CD-ROM file, teleconference file
  • Opportunity to participate in a regional cytopathology conference
  • Opportunity for independent assessment of complex image-guided FNA specimens
  • Hands-on FNA experience through the division’s FNA service and ultrasound guided thyroid needle aspiration with an endocrinologist
  • Participation in continuing education programs such as the ASCP GYN/NON-GYN Assessment products.
  • Participation in the ASC’s Progressive Evaluation of Competency Exams
  • Opportunity for research and submission for national conference presentation and publication
  • Opportunity to take cytology proficiency test
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