Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship DEI

We firmly believe in fostering an environment that values and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our program. We recognize that diversity encompasses a wide range of identities, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic background, and religious beliefs. By embracing these principles, we aim to create a rich, dynamic, and inclusive learning environment that nurtures the personal and professional growth of our fellows while ensuring the highest standard of care for our patients.

Diversity is the foundation upon which our program thrives. We actively seek participants from diverse backgrounds and strive to cultivate an inclusive community of fellows, faculty, and staff. We recognize that diverse perspectives enrich our educational experiences and lead to more comprehensive, effective, and culturally sensitive care. By embracing diversity, we aim to challenge our own biases and expand our understanding of the unique needs and experiences of our patients.

Equity is integral to our program’s core values. We are committed to promoting fairness, justice, and equal opportunities for all our fellows. We recognize that systemic biases and barriers can hinder the advancement of individuals from marginalized backgrounds. Therefore, we actively work to identify and dismantle these barriers by implementing inclusive policies and practices. We prioritize equitable access to resources, mentorship, and leadership opportunities, ensuring that every fellow feels supported and empowered to achieve their full potential.

Inclusion is essential to creating a safe and welcoming environment for everyone in our program. We foster a culture that celebrates and respects the diverse identities and experiences of our fellows and patients. We promote open dialogue, active listening, and collaboration among all members of our program. We encourage the exchange of ideas, perspectives, and experiences to promote a deeper understanding of the cultural, social, and historical factors that shape mental health. Through inclusion, we aim to create a space where everyone feels valued, heard, and included in decision-making processes.

We understand that achieving DEI requires ongoing commitment and intentional actions. To fulfill this commitment, we will:

  • Recruit and retain a diverse cohort of fellows through targeted outreach efforts and partnerships with organizations that support underrepresented groups in psychiatry.
  • Offer ongoing DEI training and education to fellows, faculty, and staff to foster cultural competence, increase self-awareness, and promote inclusive practices.
  • Continuously assess our policies, practices, and curriculum to ensure they are inclusive, equitable, and reflect the diverse needs of our fellows and patients.
  • Establish mentoring and support networks that facilitate the professional growth and success of fellows from underrepresented backgrounds.
  • Actively participate in community engagement initiatives and collaborate with local organizations to address mental health disparities and promote health equity.
  • Regularly evaluate and report our progress in fostering DEI within our program to maintain transparency and accountability.

In conclusion, the Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship Program at UMass Chan Medical School – Baystate is committed to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning environment that empowers fellows to become compassionate, culturally sensitive, and competent psychiatrists. We firmly believe that embracing DEI not only enriches our growth but also enhances the quality of care we provide to our diverse patient population. Together, we will work towards a future where mental healthcare is equitable and accessible to all individuals, regardless of their background or identity. Baystate Health is committed to creating an environment that is inclusive of all people.

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