Emergency Medicine Wellness Fellowship Curriculum


  • Number of Clinical Hours: 8 shifts/month, 8.5 hours/shift
  • You will participate in inter- and intra-departmental wellness initiatives and groups
  • Creation or participation in a quality/wellness improvement project is required
  • Twice monthly meetings related to Wellness and Burnout will be required

Lecture Series


  • Introduction/Basic Wellness
  • Burnout
  • Physical Health and Wellness
  • Mental Health and Wellness
  • Financial Health and Wellness
  • Depression, Suicide and Substance Abuse
  • 2nd Victim Syndrome and Peer Support
  • Wellness Research Projects
  • Clinical Pressures
  • Working through/with Administration

WaR (Wellness and Resiliency) CLUB

Sessions held monthly which include all residency classes and some faculty. 

These sessions have replaced traditional Journal Club as the residency's “off campus” evening meetings. During WaR Club we focus on the hidden curriculum, clinical and life stressors, and group sessions to discuss the non-medical side of life in residency and beyond. As the Wellness Fellow, you will participate as a lecturer and facilitator of group discussions.


You will attend hospital-wide and department-wide meetings centered around provider wellness.

The Baystate Medical Center Provider Wellness Council is a multidisciplinary group of physicians and advanced practitioners from various specialties. Together, clinicians work to enhance wellness through efficiency of practice, personal and professional resilience, and culture of wellness.

We have multiple ongoing initiatives and work groups for you to join. In addition, you will participate in the Emergency Medicine Wellness Interest Group where faculty and residents have a round table discussion about a monthly wellness topic.

Teaching Responsibilities

You will provide didactic education in the form of lectures/discussion-based informational sessions throughout the year



  • At least 1 lecture per year in basic wellness tenets as they pertain to emergency medicine
  • Intern Orientation Wellness talk
  • Family Wellness discussion dinner
  • Didactic sessions to other residency programs in the hospital
  • Monthly WaR club presentations

Medical Students

  • At least 3 lectures per year about wellness and burnout basics

Attending Faculty

  • Faculty meeting presentation about wellness efforts twice per year

Physician Assistants

  • At least 1 lecture per year about wellness and burnout basics


One aim of the fellowship is to foster and strengthen the bond between wellness and departmental administration, as one cannot exist without the support of the other.

You and the Fellowship Director will meet with departmental administration at scheduled intervals to discuss the progress of wellness efforts within the department.


You will design or participate in a research and/or quality improvement project to be completed during the fellowship year.

You will be responsible for carrying out all steps, including study design, IRB submission, data acquisition and analysis, write-up, and abstract submission with the help of the Fellowship Director and research support staff.

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