Interprofessional Initiatives

Interprofessional Education Improves Collaboration

In clinical settings, you're interacting with nurses, physicians, pharmacists, therapists, chaplains, social workers, and many other professionals—as well as with patients, their families, and support groups within the community.

It's essential to understand and respect the roles of all these key players and how they each contribute to our ultimate goal—delivering the best possible care for each patient.

We have several initiatives—for students and professionals alike—to learn, teach, and practice across disciplines and professions.

It minimizes miscommunication and conflict. And, high-functioning interprofessional, multidisciplinary teams deliver the highest quality health care.

For Students

Interprofessional Student Volunteer Corps

The ISVC is a student-led and faculty-supported initiative for students in multiple health professions schools to fulfill community service requirements while responding to community-driven health needs.

Interprofessional Health Equity Incubator

IHEI offers opportunities for students from different health professions to build foundational skills in the theory and practice of health equity solutions within the context of interprofessional practice and community partnerships.

Wellness on Wheels

The WOW Bus trains students from multiple health professions as it travels in the community providing low-cost or free screenings, health education, and counseling.

For Professionals

Simulation Education

Our simulation training provides real-life scenarios for professionals to practice multidisciplinary teamwork, communication, and clinical problem-solving.

Continuing Interprofessional Education

We are accredited to provide continuing education programs for all members of the healthcare team, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and psychologists.

BERST Teaching Academy

The Baystate Education Research and Scholarship of Teaching is a community of diverse and interprofessional employees working together to develop as teachers, coaches, advisors, and leaders.

Schwartz Compassionate Care Rounds

Schwartz Rounds are an interactive and interdisciplinary forum to openly and honestly discuss the challenging emotional and psychosocial issues that arise in caring for patients and families.

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