Midwifery Education Program Refresher Program

Our Refresher Program Is Individualized For Your Needs

The Baystate Medical Center Midwifery Education Program individualizes the refresher program to meet each midwife’s needs.

You can do a refreshers for content related to ambulatory, intrapartum, or full scope care. The time in full scope practice, the years away from full scope practice, and current practice are variables that affect the recommendations for a refreshing midwife.

Refresher Description

  1. Review of course content module (can be done remotely)
  2. Exams on the course content are taken on site (remote options may be possible to arrange)
  3. A supervised clinical is required following completion of the course module review and testing on the content. The length of the clinical time required depends on the scope of practice of the refresher and the practice skills of the midwife. All clinical occurs with Baystate Midwifery and Women’s Health faculty practice in Springfield, MA.


Tuition is charged by credit: one credit for each course reviewed, and for every 32 hours of ambulatory clinical or two births.
Current cost is $575.00/credit.

How to Apply

Current American Midwifery Certification Board certification and RN licensure are required.
Note: Our ability to accept a refresher student is dependent on the practice demands of the basic program students currently enrolled.

For More Information

If you would like to explore our refresher opportunities, please email the Program Director, Sukey Agard Krause, CNM, MSN.

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