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Obstetrics Gynecology Residency Conferences

Weekly/Monthly Conferences


12:00 pm Chair's Round—discuss landmark papers, review important topics, and analyze any difficult cases

12:00 pm Schwartz Rounds (monthly)


1:00 pm Admin Meeting with Program Director & Coordinator (weekly)

1:00-3:00 pm Simulation – Team, Communications, Skills Lab, LDRP in-situ, Small Group Interactive Sessions (monthly)

2:00-4:00 pm Core Curriculum Conference (weekly)

4:00 pm Journal Club (bi-monthly)

4:00 pm Gyn Surgery Conference (semi-monthly)

4:00 pm Research Seminars (monthly)

4:00 pm Colpo Review (bi-monthly)


7:00 am Gyn Teaching Rounds (weekly)—Chapter/Practice Bulletin/Article reviews on key Gyn topics

8:00 am Grand Rounds (weekly)—guest speakers, local speakers, M+M reviews

12:00 pm Thursday noon conference (weekly)—Resident presentations, Genetics, MFM, and RE, Discussion of Away or Abroad Electives

4:00 pm Tumor Board (bi-weekly)


7:00 am OB Teaching Rounds (weekly)—Chapter/Practice Bulletin/Article reviews on key OB topics

Annual Conferences

The department sponsors one all-day conference per year, as well as the Percy A. Wadman Memorial Lectureship. The conferences are open to faculty, community physicians, residents, nurse-midwives, nurse practitioners and registered nurses.