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For Patients
For Patients

For Patients

We appreciate the opportunity to care for you in service of our charitable mission. Together with you and with our community, we aspire to achieve a higher state of caring in every relationship and at every moment of care.

Cancer doesn't care – we do

Get screened for breast cancer

During her lifetime, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Coordinated Care Saves Lives

Follow a patient's journey through emergency care

A team of specialists worked together to save Adam Merriam's life.
"I told myself: this is my ballgame and I’m going to win."
- Linda Hill, lung cancer survivor -
For Health Care Professionals

For Healthcare Professionals

Our care is most effective when it’s delivered in close partnership with the providers in our community. We want to be a valued resource for our health care professionals partners, dedicated to meeting your needs and our patients’ needs with compassion, quality, and efficiency.

How Low Can Your Bad Cholesterol Go?

It's National Cholesterol Education Month

New clinical trial shows very low LDL levels decreases cardiovascular risk.

Nurse United An Elderly Couple Just In Time (VIDEO)

"I realized that's why I do my job"

Watch RN Karissa Gorman's moving story.
For Healthcare Professionals
"After 16 years of being in pain, Dr. Mohamad Khaled was the only doctor to recognize I had a rare disease called Eagle syndrome. I owe him my entire life."
- Scott, patient at Baystate Medical Center -
For Researchers
For Trainees and Researchers

For Researchers

Our commitment to providing exceptional clinical education and patient-centered research drives the high quality of care our patients receive every day.

Mr. Goodwrench Goes to Med School

The Mechanics of Reasoning

New medical students learn diagnostic skills from a master clinician - an auto mechanic

Everyday Reminder of His Spirit

How Can We Channel Grief?

Residents donate a fun house mirror in memory of their beloved faculty member.
"Baystate is the perfect place to be! Where you learn from the best in the field and are well supported every step of the way.” "
- Sami Backley MD, OB-Gyn resident -