Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every year in October, there is an annual campaign to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer and the importance of breast cancer screening. During her lifetime, 1 in 8 women (and about 1% of men) will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Baystate Health not only offers specialized breast cancer care and support – we also provide breast health education and conduct important research to advance the fight against this disease.

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Breast Cancer Webinar Recordings

The Mammogram Callback

After getting a mammogram, it’s common to receive a callback which can be stressful and worrisome. Dr. Folashade Ajegba, Radiology at Baystate Health, discusses mammography, what a radiologist is looking for, why you might get a callback, what happens next and why the additional information you receive from a callback is a good thing.

Lumpectomy vs Mastectomy

Treatment options for breast cancer can include surgery as part of the full treatment plan. Dr. Jesse Casaubon, Baystate Surgical Oncology & Breast Specialists, discusses the options for a lumpectomy and a mastectomy, the potential differences, factors determining the surgery, surgical techniques, cosmetic results, and recovery.

Precision Medicine in Breast Cancer

The treatment of breast cancer has evolved from a “one size fits all” approach to “precision medicine.” This means we now can tailor medical treatment based on the genetic personality of an individual’s cancer. Dr. Prarthna Bhardwaj, Hematology/Oncology, Baystate Regional Cancer Program, discusses how molecular testing impacts targeted treatments and the advances that have been made.

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Clinical Trials at Baystate

Baystate researchers participate in national clinical trials that study potential new treatment methods and contribute to the advancement of science. We are constantly seeking participants for clinical trials. See if you qualify for one of our clinical trials today.

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