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Medical Staff Services Office

Medical Staff Services provides credentialing and other assistance for all credentialed members of the medical staff for Baystate Health. 

Requesting an Application

To request an application for medical or associate professional staff privileges and/or membership, please send a written request to the Medical Staff Office:

280 Chestnut Street, 1st Floor
Springfield, MA 01199

You may also fax your request to 413-794-0306 or email the Medical Staff Office.

Please include the following contact information: Name, address, phone, date of birth, email address. Please also identify the type of privileges you are requesting as well as the associated facility (BMC, BFMC, BNH, BWH).

Updating your information with the Medical Staff Office

To update information with Medical Staff Office, you may submit the updated information via email to the Medical Staff Office inbox in outlook, or fax it to 413-794-0306.

Requesting your Baystate Health email address

To receive a BH email address, please contact the help desk 413-794-3000.

How often do you need to be re-credentialed?

Reappointments are done every two years; about 4 to 6 months prior the expiration of your current privileges and/or membership, the Medical Staff Office will send you a reappointment packet for you to review, update, complete and return.


Medical Staff Executive Committee

The function of the Medical Staff Executive Committee is to represent and act on behalf of the medical staff in all matters, except those otherwise provided in the medical staff bylaws and to be consistent with The Joint Commission standards. In addition, the Committee receives, coordinates, and acts upon appropriate recommendations of the clinical departments, standing and special committees and any reports deemed necessary or appropriate. The Committee also coordinates activities and policies adopted by the medical staff, the Committee recommends to the Board of Trustees medical staff appointments, reappointments, medical staff categories, department assignments, clinical privileges and disciplinary actions while assuring professional and ethical conduct and competent clinical performance of medical staff members. The Committee also makes recommendations to the CEO on medico-administrative, medical center management and planning matters.


Michael Albert, M.D., President – Medical Staff
Elizabeth Boyle, M.D.
Neil Connelly, M.D.
Arley Diaz, M.D.
Wayne Duke, M.D.
James Freeman, M.D.
Stephen Gallo, M.D.

Nicolas Jabbour, M.D.
Holly Mason, M.D.
Christine McKiernan, M.D.
Jeffery Mulhern, M.D.
Stephen O’Connor, M.D.
Niels Rathlev, M.D.
Peter Robinson, M.D.

Credentials Committee

The function of the Credentials Committee is to coordinate the medical staff credentialing process by analyzing applications, making recommendations and overseeing the maintenance of individual credential files. In addition the Committee is responsible for integrating quality and utilization assessment, monitoring membership, reviewing and recommending to the Medical Staff Executive Committee approval for delineating clinical privileges for providers. The Committee also develops, coordinates and periodically reviews recommendations on the procedures and forms that are utilized in the credentialing process and the design and oversight of the credentialing procedures.


Jeffrey Mulhern, M.D., Chair
Stuart Anfang, M.D.
Stephen Boos, M.D.
Giovanna Crisi, M.D.
James Gebhardt, M.D.

James Khoury, M.D.
Alena Kreychman, M.D.
Ziad Kutayli, M.D.
J. Hector Pope, M.D.
Kevin Trombly, D.M.D.

Cancer Committee

The functions of the Cancer Committee shall include to monitor the diagnosis, treatment and care of all patients with a cancer diagnosis. In addition the Committee is responsible for developing protocols and making recommendations in relation to the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients. The Committee also provides consultation to health care providers and leadership in the selection of appropriate education offerings while assuring the cancer data system is accurate and effective in the collection, interpretation and dissemination of information.


Wilson Mertens, M.D., Chair
Brian Acker, M.D.
Richard Arenas, M.D.
David Bishop, M.D.
Grace Makari-Judson, M.D.
Holly Mason, M.D.
Christopher Otis, M.D.
Matthew Richardson, M.D.
Carlos Valdes, M.D.

Patient Care Policy Committee

The function of the Patient Care Policy Committee is to coordinate, develop or direct the development and review of clinical policies and practices of the Medical Staff and of its special clinical units, and diagnostic and therapeutic support services including for example the operating room recovery room, emergency room, and critical care units; to review and recommend policies and practices regarding medical records and related forms; policies and practices regarding medical-related aspects of infection control; and policies and practices regarding nutrition and dietary services.


Robert S. Gerstle, M.D.,Chair
Richard Brown, M.D.
Heather Sankey, M.D.
Niloufar Shoushtari, M.D.

Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee

The function of the Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee is to fulfill medical staff responsibilities and functions relating to pharmacy and therapeutics policies and practices.


Robert Ajello, M.D., Chair, BFMC
Gregory Braden, M.D.
Richard Brown, M.D.
Alan Bullock, M.D.
Charles Cahill, M.D.
Steven Dunn, M.D.
Richard Gerstein, M.D. Chair, BMLH
Robert Gerstle, M.D.
Gregory Giugliano, M.D.
Thomas Higgins, M.D.
Melissa Johnson, M.D.
Peter Lindenaur, M.D.
Gregory McDonald, M.D.
Wilson Mertens, M.D.
Charles Plant, M.D.
Gary Rockwell, M.D.
Stephen Ryzewicz, M.D., Chair, BMC
Jennifer Schimmel, M.D.
Roy Sittig, M.D.
Anna Tsirka, M.D.
Winthrop Whitcomb, M.D.
Jackson Williams, M.D.

Committee on Practitioner Health

The functions of the Committee on Practitioner Health shall include supporting the Medical Center commitment to providing quality patient care for the members of the community and a safe working environment for Medical Center employees and staff. The Committee shall help identify those Medical Staff members and members of the Medical Center's Associate Professional Staff with physical or mental impairments, including alcohol or substance abuse, and to facilitate the handling of matters associated with such impairments by making recommendations to the Medical Staff Executive Committee.


Lewis Cohen, M.D., Chair
Glenn Alli, M.D.
Evan Benjamin M.D.
Lori Circeo M.D.
Susan DeJoy C.N.M.
Thomas Higgins, M.D.
Jay Kuhn, M.D.
Gary Levine M.D.
Paul Medrek M.D.
John Santoro, M.D.

Technology and Therapeutics Committee

The function of the Technology and Therapeutics Committee includes responsibility for implementing an oversight process to provide a multidisciplinary rigorous review, prioritization, and approval process for new and emerging U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved clinical technologies, clinical interventions, and therapeutics not previously utilized at the Medical Center, and to ensure that the acquisition of new and emergency clinical technologies and interventions is linked to clinical, academic, and financial priorities at the Medical Center.


Evan Benjamin, M.D.
David Deaton, M.D.
David Earle, M.D.
Richard Engelman, M.D.
Richard Friedberg, M.D.
Paul Jodka, M.D.
William McGee, M.D.
Jeffrey Mulhern, M.D.
Heather Sankey, M.D.
Marc Schweiger, M.D.
Neal Seymour, M.D.
Stephen Wittenberg, M.D.