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Obstetrics Gynecology Residents

Obstetrucs-Gynecology Housestaff

A Message From Our Residents

Instead of the typical message from the chiefs, all of our residents joined together to compose this message to you, our future colleagues!

"Thank you for your interest in our awesome program! We are so happy with our decision to train at Baystate Medical Center."

"From intern year to chief year, we have always been respected as integral members of the healthcare team."

"This program does a phenomenal job of easing you into the stress and workload of residency while still providing a lot of exposure and experience, a balance many programs struggle to achieve. We have excellent clinical and research opportunities that have sharpened our experiences.  And, we appreciate the healthy supply of truly dedicated teachers within our program."

"Our fellow residents  have proven time and time again to be an amazing source of support, friendship, and fun. Activities we've maintained in our lives outside the hospital are: running, biking, skiing, eating at the multiple farm-to-table restaurants, and Crossfit."

"We hope to see you during interview season, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!"

Day in the Life

Everybody wants to know what to expect in residency. Learn more about our program from those who know. One of our residents breaks down a "typical" day.

Meet Our Residents

Our residents tell you about themselves, their backgrounds, interests, aspirations, and why Baystate is a good fit for them.


Dr. Rebecca Barbaresso

Rebecca Barbaresso, DO

Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Hi there! Welcome to Baystate! My name is Becca and I moved here from Michigan (or “the Mitten” as I fondly call it). I completed my undergrad at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) and stayed in Ann Arbor for three years post-grad conducting Type II Diabetes research in mouse models. I graduated from Michigan State’s University of Osteopathic Medicine (but, don’t worry, I maintained my Wolverine roots). I’ve lived my entire life in the Mitten until now and I couldn’t be more enthused to be a part of Baystate and excited to explore the New England area!

When researching residency programs, Baystate immediately caught my eye. The program has a genuinely holistic approach to graduate medical training, with education and resident well-being as its top priorities. The interview was so pleasant that it felt like I was conversing with professional acquaintances I had known for years. Everyone was SO kind, causing me to leave the hospital beaming from ear to ear, knowing that I wanted to book another flight as soon as possible for a second look. When I did return for my second look, everything that I had researched online and experienced during my interview was confirmed. Once again, everyone was incredibly engaging, interactive and friendly. I knew this would be a program where I would thrive as a resident and be primed to become an OBGYN achieving her greatest potential.

I absolutely love the outdoors despite having lived in the outskirts of Detroit for the majority of my life. I am living in Northampton, which is the perfect mix of city and country; in the morning I’m on a scenic hike and that afternoon I’ll be walking into downtown for dinner with my partner. There is always something going on in Western Massachusetts, so you definitely won’t find yourself bored! Apart from hiking, I’m a foodie who enjoys weightlifting and golfing. My creative side dabbles with drawing, as well as making crafts with wine corks and bottle caps!

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to reach out!

Dr. Tara Formisano

Tara Formisano, DO

University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

Hi! My name is Tara and I am so happy to see your interest in both Ob/Gyn and Baystate!

A little about me— I am a New England gal through and through. I grew up in Connecticut and was dead set on going somewhere warm and with palm trees for college. With the help of softball, I ended up at Stetson University for undergrad. I quickly found out that I thoroughly missed the seasons (seeing pumpkins in 80 degree weather in October was weird)! Upon graduating, I decided to move to Chicago where I got my Masters of Science in Biomedical Sciences and my fair share of the midwest and cold. Throughout these travels, I always missed New England. When it came time to decide where to go to med school, it was an easy decision, the most New England state, Maine! Once officially back in my home territory, I was certain I had no intention of leaving New England again and joining the Ob/Gyn family at Baystate Medical Center has certainly helped me succeed in that goal.

I’ve wanted to go into Ob/Gyn since I decided I wanted to become a physician in undergrad. My medical school and clinical experiences only helped me confirm that decision. I also specifically wanted to practice rural women’s health and I was fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to join the National Health Service Corps. When it came to searching for a residency program, I wanted one that fostered a healthy academic rigor that would best prepare me for a career in underserved/rural medicine. Not only did I find that at Baystate, but I was also blown away by the teamwork and camaraderie displayed between faculty and residents, and, most notably, the resident as teacher model that Baystate has successfully implemented. It was a no brainer for me that Baystate was where I wanted to be!

Fun facts: I am obsessed with my doggo, Betsy. She is a 3 year old, 10 lb Maltipoo (Maltese Miniature Poodle Mix). In the winter, I ski any chance I can, Sunday River in Maine being my favorite mountain (and not far from the Springfield area). In the summer, camping, hiking, and at the beach/in the water is where I will usually be found. In the fall, it’s all about pumpkin flavored everything. Western Mass certainly provides the seasons and the location for me to continue to enjoy all those activities!

I am happy to answer any questions you might have, so feel free to contact me! Good luck with your journey—you will get through it and end up exactly where you are meant to be!

Dr. Madison McGahan

Madison McGahan, DO

New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine

Hi everyone! My name is Madison and I am excited to tell you a little about myself and share with you why I chose Baystate!

A little about me: I was born and raised in Long Island, New York. I completed my undergraduate degree at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania and then moved back to Long Island to attend medical school at the New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine. Although I have never lived in New England until now, I have always loved exploring the area whether it’s hiking, biking, seeing live music events, or trying something totally new that the area has to offer!

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and my two dogs- Gus & Oliver! I love the ocean, going to the beach, hiking, reading historical fiction, and going to the movies.

When I was researching programs to rotate at as a fourth year medical student, Baystate stood out to me for a number of reasons, including its values of academics, diversity, and wellness.  I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to rotate at Baystate and quickly felt connected to the program, the hospital, and the area. I truly felt that Baystate was a place that would not only teach me the technical skills to become a successful Ob/Gyn, but also a place that would enable me to be a strong advocate for women’s health. Most importantly, I loved working with and getting to the know the residents and faculty! These are just some of the reasons why I believed Baystate was the perfect fit for me!

Baystate is an incredible place to train and I am so excited to be a part of such a supportive environment where people are genuinely happy and proud of their program! Please feel free to reach out with any questions about our awesome program!

Dr. Brittany Novak

Brittany Novak, MD

University of Massachusetts Medical School

Hi, congrats on making it to this exciting new stage of your medical career.

I’m originally from Massachusetts and am excited to be exploring a new part of the state through these years of residency. I grew up in a small town south of Boston, and then I received my undergraduate degree from Harvard majoring in psychology, and minoring in French and environmental science. After college, I worked in New York City in public health at Columbia, working with drug users and becoming an HIV counselor. With that perspective, I realized that I wanted to become a physician, which led me to the University of Massachusetts Medical School.  

I chose Baystate for the culture and the atmosphere of learning. The feel that I got from my interview of a warm and supportive place that nurtures learning has been reinforced with each new rotation of residency. The residents look out for each other and lean on each other. Attendings to midwives to senior residents all are approachable and seem genuinely happy to teach, as well as push us to become more independent and decisive clinicians. I was looking for a program that would help me become a competent and nurturing Ob/Gyn, as well as one that valued work life balance. Many of us in the program have families. For me, Baystate is a perfect fit for its focus on education, collaborative learning environment, and family friendly atmosphere.

Over the years, I’ve developed a love of travel and cooking. In college, I spent a semester studying in Paris. Since then, I’ve studied global health in India, hiked Machu Picchu and learned how to SCUBA dive in the Maldives. I love cooking Indian and Persian food, and relaxing with yoga. I used to have all kinds of fun hobbies. And then I had a baby. Now most of my free time is spent with my husband, chasing our mischievous toddler as she squeals gleefully.

I’m thrilled to have picked Baystate for my training. I’d be happy to talk if you have any questions. Good luck! 

Dr. Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith, MD

Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

Hello! My name is Lauren. I am originally from Birmingham, England but have spent the past 12 years in Michigan with my family. I attended medical school at MSU College of Human Medicine where I got to experience a diverse and fulfilling medical education. My pre-clinical years were based in Grand Rapids and my clinical years in Flint. These differing experiences exemplified the growth and discovery that can occur when you venture somewhere new…. That is what pulled me to Baystate!

I love the Mitten, but I knew to become better I had to leave. I was initially drawn to Baystate after continuing to hear about the well-rounded, robust training. Individuals who had rotated here could not stop talking about stellar teaching, supportive learning environment, and the skills of the residents. The program is constantly improving and striving to make great OB-GYNs.

The strong family planning training at this program was a key seller for me. This vital part of women’s health continues to be neglected throughout the US and I want to be a part of the solution. Baystate offers fantastic training in abortion and family planning. Residents learn the skill of the procedures along with the know-how to good patient advocates.

Finally, the sense of community and support of this program is unbelievable. Everyone from the chair to the midwives has been so welcoming and has genuine investment in the learning and well-being of the residents. I have felt at home since the first day and am so happy with my choice.

Stephanie Smith, DO

Dr. Stephanie Smith

Western University of Health Sciences/College of Osteopathic Medicine

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in our program!

I am originally from sunny Southern California and completed my undergraduate education at UC Davis. Afterward, I worked as an RN at an underserved community clinic before attending medical school at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA. While in medical school, I completed an OMM teaching fellowship in which I taught Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment to 1st and 2nd year medical students. My goal is to eventually incorporate OMT into my OBGYN practice which is a work in progress. In the meantime, I maintain my OMT skills by treating my co-residents!

I first learned about Baystate from a residency fair at ACOG and the residents had nothing but positive things to say about this program. I was fortunate to complete a sub-internship here during my 4th year. I was impressed with the commitment to residency education, the relationships between the attendings and residents, the gynecologic surgical volume and most importantly the camaraderie amongst the residents. The residents were confident, had admirable surgical skills and were extremely warm and friendly. Another huge perk of our program is that we get exposure to all of the sub-specialties by the end of our second year and we do all of our rotations at the same hospital.

I’m one of the few who live in Springfield which is quite the contrast from Los Angeles, but I love my short commute to the hospital. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and co-residents. I love avocados, cycling, yoga, meditating, exploring the surrounding areas and plan on many trips to NYC to fill my cup of city life. Please feel free to reach out anytime for any questions you have!


BakerElizabethElizabeth Baker, MD

University of South Carolina School of Medicine

I am looking forward to living in the Northeast for the first time after growing up in the Midwest and spending an extended period of time in the Southeast. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan and then worked a number of years before deciding to apply to medical school. I attended medical school at the University of South Carolina where I realized in my third year that Obstetrics and Gynecology was truly a field that had everything: surgery, clinic, procedures, and longitudinal patient care.

After rotating at Baystate as an away during my fourth year of medical school, I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. I am excited about working with the residents and faculty that were so warm and welcoming. The number and variety of specialists in all areas of women’s health will ensure that I am well trained before entering the field to practice.

I moved to East Longmeadow this summer with my spouse and two kids. We are excited to explore local restaurants, go walking, find some live music, and go to the BigE.

CorlinTiffanyTiffany Corlin, MD

Tufts University School of Medicine

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in Baystate! I'd love to tell you about myself and why I chose Baystate for my OB/Gyn training. I am originally from Southern California and I studied mathematics and psychobiology in college before moving to Boston for graduate school. I did a few years of biochemistry research before medical school at Tufts University School of Medicine. While in medical school, I became more and more passionate about advocating for, and working to deliver, comprehensive women's healthcare, so OB/Gyn became a clear career path for me. Also during this time, I fell in love with New England! I've managed to make the most of the winters by learning to ski this last year and making sure I have four wheel drive to do the minimum amount of shoveling possible. I truly appreciate when it does warm up by doing lots of cycling, camping, and reading by the water.

While in medical school, I did several rotations at Baystate and loved it. The large hospital covering a culturally and socioeconomically diverse area of New England offered an amazing experience as a student. With strong family planning, lots of midwifery, a large group of generalists on faculty, many medical students, and early surgical experience, Baystate had everything I was looking for in a program. I feel at home in an institution with academic rigor that matches their emphasis on community and physician well-being. I quickly connected to this program while on my rotations and felt that I fit right in to the positive, fun, and fast-paced learning environment with ease. It's clear everyone actually enjoys not only working with each other, but spending time together. I can't wait to spend the next four years at Baystate!

Don't hesitate to reach out to any of us with any questions about the program or living and working in Massachusetts.

HagmanAleciaAlecia Hagman, DO

University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

Hello and congratulations for your interest in Ob/Gyn at Baystate! I am excited to share with you my background and why I chose Baystate to pursue my interest in Ob/Gyn.

I love New England, and am originally from the seacoast area of New Hampshire. I earned my undergrad at Tufts University, where I also commissioned into the United States Air Force through R.O.T.C. I was very happy to move to Maine for medical school at the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, where I discovered my interest in Womens' Health and Ob/Gyn. After residency, I am excited to serve in the USAF as an Ob/Gyn!

I had the good fortune during my 4th year of medical school to participate in a Gynecologic Oncology rotation at Baystate, during which I really enjoyed the academic rigor and learned a ton! I loved meeting and working with the residents and faculty, and was so impressed with their kindness, knowledge, and skill. I really appreciate that Baystate offers the full spectrum of womens' health, including family planning, and provides training in all subspecialties in-house.

In my free time, I love all things outdoor and I am thrilled to be able to continue these interests in the beauty of Western Mass.

I feel very fortunate to join the Baystate Ob/Gyn family, and I am thrilled to answer any questions you may have about living and working here at BMC. I wish you the best of luck on your academic journey!


Shiva Niakan, DO

Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific

I’ve moved a lot in my life, however I call California home and now I live in New England for the first time with my significant other. I studied Biology at CSU Stanislaus in California, with a minor in Spanish. I also did a summer study abroad in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain which was the highlight of my college years. I moved to southern California for medical school and attended Western University of Health Sciences. There I discovered my passion for lifestyle medicine, yoga and cooking. I am a certified yoga instructor, and an avid foodie. I also enjoy traveling with my family, and exploring different cultures. I’m a non-native Spanish speaker and enjoy conversing with Spanish speaking patients.

I chose Baystate for my training for many reasons. What stood out to me the most on my interview day were my interactions with the residents. They were very supportive of each other, and I could see myself working with them, and spending time with them outside of work. I’m also passionate about women’s health and advocacy, and our program has a strong family planning department, with big community outreach, which really ties with my goals as a provider. I’m really happy to have found a program that shares as my values as a physician, and a person.

Kelsey Schmidt, MD

SchmidtKelseyCentral Michigan University College of Medicine

Hello! Thank you for your interest in Baystate! I am a transplant from the state of Michigan where I was raised and completed my education. I began at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) for undergrad and received my degree in Evolutionary Anthropology with a minor in Gender and Health studies. I completed medical school at Central Michigan University College of Medicine in mid-Michigan.

During my fourth year of medical school I did a rotation in family planning here at Baystate and loved it. The diversity of the patient population, ability to work with midwives, dedication to family planning, and the supportive faculty and residents made Baystate seem like an ideal location to complete my residency. The idea of moving to a new state and engaging in a new community was intimidating and exciting, but every resident and attending I encountered was encouraging and welcoming. It was apparent from early on that Baystate seemed like a family, and that was exactly what I was looking for as I embarked on this next stage in my career.

In my free time I enjoy hiking, camping and traveling, and am continuously looking for new places to adventure. I also enjoy cooking and exploring new flavors, so I’m always searching for new restaurants or recipes to try!

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!

ThindRavneetRavneet Thind, DO

Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine, California

Hello! My name is Ravneet and I’m from sunny California! I was born and raised in a small farming town in Central California. I studied biology at Fresno State University and went to medical school in Northern California (Touro University). I’ve never lived outside of California so I’m excited to see what the east coast has to offer!

In my free time, I love exploring and being outdoors. I enjoy hiking, running, indoor soccer, meeting new people and FOOD. One of my goals during the next four years is to learn how to ski and snowboard!

Like a lot of us, one of the main reasons I chose to come to Baystate was because of the people. Everyone is so welcoming and SUPER nice. Other aspects that drew me to Baystate was the family planning curriculum, in-house subspecialties, diverse population, and the collaboration with the midwives. I’m so thrilled to join the Baystate family and can’t wait to start here as an OBGYN resident!


Dr. Nandi Chihombori-QuaoNandi Chihombori-Quao, MD

University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine

Hi everyone! Welcome to Baystate and thank you for considering our Ob/Gyn residency program!

I am originally from Tennessee and am so glad to be doing my residency here at Baystate. I grew up in a small town just outside of Nashville and I received my undergraduate degree at Yale University where I majored in Political Science. After college, I worked in politics for several years before attending medical school at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center in Memphis. My husband was raised in Maine but attended college at UMass Amherst so we are very excited to be back in the area. When we aren't at school or work, we love to spend time going for hikes, camping and exploring the many restaurants and breweries in the area with our ten month old daughter Amaiya and our fur baby Maggie.

I chose Baystate because I wanted a program that values both the training of its residents and who their residents are outside of work. I had my daughter right before intern year started and I could not imagine a more supportive environment to come into as a sleep deprived new mom and intern. Faculty, staff, and my fellow residents came together to bring me up to speed and within a few shorts weeks, I felt like I had the tools I needed to succeed in spite of starting residency 2 months late. I am so happy to be in a program where everyone genuinely cares about individual growth and well-being.

I hope that you consider coming to Baystate. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Danielle Finch, DO

Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Danielle FinchHello, and thank you for your interest in Baystate! I joined Baystate from Michigan, where I grew up. After spending six years in Atlanta at Emory University for undergrad and grad school, I returned to my home state to work at the state health department and complete medical school at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. When I was searching for residency programs online, one of the first things that stood out to me were these residency bios! I was impressed by any program that took such an interest in who their residents were outside of the hospital.

Baystate also had almost everything I was looking for in an OB/GYN program, including strong family planning training, collaboration between physicians and midwives, and all of the sub-specialties in-house. I wound up completing a high-risk obstetrics rotation here as a fourth-year medical student. So much of choosing residency is about that gut feeling that a place is the right fit, and I knew from day one that this was the place for me. All of the attendings, residents, midwives, nurses, and support staff were kind and welcoming. There was obviously a sincere interest in teaching and continuously improving the program. The residents worked well together and always seemed to be helping one another. I was so incredibly thrilled to match here.

So I made the big move from Michigan, along with my husband, Michael, my two year-old daughter, Eleanor, our two pit bulls, Cosmo and Maeby, and our cat, Mr. Marbles. In my spare time, I love being outdoors with my family and walking our dogs. I also enjoy running and hope to participate in road races around here, and I love to read. I have done a lot of traveling, and I like exploring new places with my family. We can't wait to check out all New England has to offer!

I hope you consider our fine program. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I am always happy to help!

Catherine Hill-Verrochi, DO

University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Catherine Hill-VerrochiHi there! Welcome to the wonderful world of Baystate Ob/Gyn! I would love to tell you about my background and why I chose Baystate.

I’ve been so lucky to spend my life in some of the most beautiful areas of New England, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I grew up in the spectacular Mount Washington Valley in New Hampshire where I spent as much time as possible outside skiing, hiking, and kayaking. I graduated from Smith College in Northampton with a degree in Women’s Studies, and then worked in gynecologic research and family planning in Boston. I moved up to Maine for medical school and fell in love with Ob/Gyn.

I was drawn to Baystate not only because of its location in vibrant western Massachusetts, but also because of how impressed I was the residents I met during my training. During a 4th year Gynecologic Oncology rotation, I fell in love with the program and the residents. Despite the intensity of the rotation, the residents I worked with were impossibly kind, patient, and fun - not to mentioned skilled and confident – sign me up! To top it off, it is obvious that the residents, faculty, nurses, and midwives all genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

My husband and I moved to the lovely and scenic Wilbraham, MA with our handsome black lab, Brutus. I love living in a quiet, rural community where my dog can run wild, but still is so close to all the action in the big city – it’s a great balance! Please contact me if you have any questions – I’d be happy to tell you more!

Lauren Jammallo, MD

Tufts University School of Medicine

Dr. Lauren Jammallo

Hi everyone! Welcome to Baystate and thank you for considering our Ob/Gyn residency program! I am a Massachusetts native and am so glad to be doing my residency here at Baystate. I grew up north of Boston, in a small ocean-side town called Swampscott. I received my undergraduate degree at Boston College, worked for two years in clinical research at Massachusetts General Hospital, and then attended Tufts University School of Medicine for medical school. As much as I love Massachusetts and the New England area, I am also an avid traveler (and foodie!) and love exploring new places and trying new things. I also enjoy running, hiking, cooking, crafts, and shopping.

I had the opportunity to do my third year Ob/Gyn rotation at Baystate and I am so happy that I did! It was on this rotation that I discovered my love for Ob/Gyn. Everyone that I worked with at Baystate was just so welcoming. It was clear that each resident loved what they were doing, respected one another, and were well-supported by the faculty. The attendings were all extremely approachable and always willing to teach. Education stood out as a true priority. And most importantly, everyone seemed...happy! I ended up returning to Baystate for two more Ob/Gyn rotations during fourth year (Gyn Onc and REI), which is when I decided that Baystate was the perfect fit for me. I was looking for a program that would not only provide me the skills to become a competent, successful Ob/Gyn, but one that appreciated quality of life and balance. Baystate offered exact these things, and I am so thrilled to be joining the Baystate family. My husband and I can't wait to explore Western Mass, with all of its beautiful running and hiking trails, unique restaurants, and craft festivals!

I hope that you consider our wonderful program here at Baystate. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Heather Love, MD

Tufts University School of Medicine

Dr. Heather LoveHi there, I’m so glad that you’re considering residency at Baystate! I’m a Massachusetts native who attended Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston prior to matching at Baystate and I could not be more thrilled to be here. I completed my BA/MPH at Tufts studying anthropology and public health and took several years to work and gain clinical experience prior to applying to medical school. During my fourth year, I completed an acting internship at Baystate and absolutely fell in love with the program—the diversity of patients, the caliber of teaching, the location, and most of all the people. Throughout residency we work closely with midwives, nurses and attendings; it is a supportive community where people truly love to teach. All specialties are well represented and we have the rigor and research opportunities of an academic center with the feel of a close-knit community hospital where people in the hallway know your name and say hello.

Baystate is a place where having a life outside of medicine is expected and supported. When I am not at the hospital, I love spending time outdoors with my husband and daughter exploring new places, hiking, camping and enjoying local food.

I truly believe that you will receive an excellent education no matter where you train. For me, it is the people with whom you spend your days (and nights!) that truly make a program a great fit. I hope that for you, that program is Baystate!

Dr. Taieri McKenzie

Taieri McKenzie, MD

Tufts University School of Medicine

Hi there and welcome to Baystate! We are so happy you are interested in our program. I am a New Englander at heart and am originally from a small town called Dover, MA. After completing my undergrad degree at Lehigh University, I took several years off while I worked as a ski instructor, volunteered at Boston Healthcare for the Homeless and took all of my pre-requisites in Boston. For medical school I was in the Maine track at Tufts University School of Medicine, which allowed me to live in Boston for the first two years, followed by two clinical years in beautiful Portland, Maine, where I confirmed my love of women's health and ended up deciding to pursue a career in OB/GYN. 

Despite not rotating as a medical student here at Baystate, I had heard endless good things about the program from my Tufts classmates who had spent time here. It was my first interview and even though I had high hopes before I got here, the people I met and the interactions I had that day blew me away. I thought, "maybe all places seem this great on interview day!" Turns out, they don't, and Baystate remained at the top of my list. I was looking for a residency program that serves a diverse patient population, encourages collaboration with midwives, prioritizes education, where coworkers are kind and feel like family, and where I could happily spend my days (and nights). Baystate also has excellent family planning training, and all sub-specialties are strong and in-house, including pediatric and adolescent gynecology, a particular interest of mine. What else could you want? 

Earlier this summer I moved to Northampton with my husband Josh and our dog, David Bowie. We love exploring the Pioneer Valley including running the trails at Smith College, going to see live music at the many local venues, eating at new restaurants and trying out local breweries.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions about our wonderful program!


Dr. Sophia Bachilova

Sophia Bachilova MD

McGill University Faculty of Medicine

Welcome to Baystate! My name is Sophia, and I joined Baystate after completing my medical school at McGill University in the beautiful city of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. Coming from a school where you feel like a number, I was immediately impressed by Baystate. All the residents and staff knew my name from day 1 of internship, the team was warm and friendly, and the time and effort dedicated to our education was outstanding. I've only come to appreciate the program more and believe that Baystate won't let you graduate as anything less than a great physician. Furthermore, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside midwives. I strongly believe that by working in separate silos, physicians and midwives only see the worst of each other, but at Baystate the two professions mix together and learn to appreciate what each other offers.

Despite coming from a big city, I love the outdoors and love living in Western MA. In one weekend, I can go hiking, climbing, swimming, and see a great band play. I've picked up bird watching from my window and love seeing the beautiful gardens my neighbours plant. Everyone we meet is so friendly! It's almost dangerous to start a conversation if you are in a rush somewhere. Come by for a visit at Baystate and you'll see the friendly smiles for yourself! 

Dr. Sami Backley

Sami Backley MD

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland School of Medicine

Thank you for considering our amazing program. Let me tell you about myself and why I chose Baystate!

My name is Sami. I'm originally from Damascus, Syria. I was born in California and grew up in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. I spent the last seven years in Dublin, Ireland where I went to medical school at RCSI and took part in research at the Rotunda Maternity Hospital.

I was lucky enough to come to Baystate in my final year and do a MFM elective here. I fell in love with the program straight away. Resident education and well-being are the main pillars. My experience was phenomenal! The residents are so friendly and include you in everything; the attendings were ready to inspire you at any chance they had and everyone was ready and willing to teach! The elective was definitely a game changer and I was hoping to come back here as a resident! (Dreams do come true!)

New York and Boston are a short drive away, the Basketball Hall of Fame is right around the corner, loads of hiking trails near and around the area, and the opportunities to unwind and catch up on your sports/hobbies/interests are endless! I'm hoping to start playing golf, when you see me do make sure to ask me if I've started that.

Residency is tough and a big jump from medical school; Baystate is the perfect place to be! Where you learn from the best in the field and are well supported every step of the way. During interview season Baystate stood out with their Fundamentals rotation and the diversity in the program. You're definitely making the right decision by applying here. I'm grateful every day to be working with amazing people from nurses, midwives, support staff, co-residents and attendings! Happy days!

Dr. Laurie Doyon Laurie Doyon DO

University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

I interviewed at many fine programs across the country, but I knew from the moment I rotated at Baystate that this was the place for me. On match day I was ecstatic to learn that I would be coming here from Maine, where I was born and raised and did my medical education at the University of New England.

Coming to Baystate was an easy choice — everyone here is supportive, enthusiastic, welcoming, and very dedicated to providing a top-notch educational experience. The other interns are all super nice and passionate about Ob/Gyn and I know we will help one another to more than succeed over the next four years.

On top of this, this part of Western Massachusetts is beautiful and has a nice mix of the urban and rural and provides a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities. I love to go hiking and am happy that Mount Tom and Mount Holyoke are so close and that the Berkshires are but a short drive away. The town I live in (with my husband) is a short commute away from Springfield and is full of good restaurants and cafes and friendly people—all of which love. I’ll have to see if they have a trivia night or if any one plays cribbage here!

If you have any questions about the program, please contact me: I’ll be happy to share more!

Dr. Keith Reisinger-KindleKeith Reisinger-Kindle DO, MPH, MS

Touro University Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine

I recently joined the Baystate family from Las Vegas, NV, but I am originally from Michigan. I completed my undergraduate education and my MPH at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!), and I received my MS and attended medical school in Las Vegas at Touro University-Nevada.

I have always been incredibly passionate about working with underserved populations and family planning, and these were some of the things that lead me to initially apply to Baystate. Upon interviewing here, I fell in love with the passion for education and genuine openness to and celebration of diversity that is evident throughout Baystate’s campus on every level. A lot of programs will try to sell you on these points, but at Baystate, you can actually see it.

Outside of my medical life, I like to spend a lot of time with my husband James and our hairless cat Yoshi. We like to explore historical/haunted sites throughout the country, get involved in local politics, study/practice Buddhism, and hunt down new places to eat-the more exotic and spicy the better! Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. 

Dr. Sarah Solano Sarah Nathan MD

Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

Hello! My name is Sarah Nathan, and I could not be happier to have matched at Baystate Medical Center. While I am originally from California, I have spent the vast majority of my life in Virginia. I was lucky enough to have an amazing family and have been home schooled up until I went to the College of William and Mary. I believe it was for this reason (and an amazing senior year semester abroad in Europe), that I had the stamina to go straight from college into medical school at Virginia Commonwealth University SOM. I loved medical school, I found some of my best friends there and met amazing mentors who allowed me to find my life passion in OB/GYN. It was working in our local Planned Parenthood that really made me see the huge impact I could have in this field.

I discovered Baystate on my first day searching residency programs online, and while the location was not ideal for my fiancé, Matthew who was applying to medical school at the time, I decided it would be my guilty pleasure program and applied. As luck would have it, Matthew was accepted to University of New England in Maine, and they have rotation sites right here in Springfield! I was elated because I had fallen completely in love with the people and values of this program when I interviewed. What I love about this program is that we are trained by Midwives in our early years and that there is a strong Family Planning curriculum. I am beyond thrilled to be here, the support and guidance we receive from our senior residents and attendings is truly a gift.

Based on suggestions I received from the residents, I am living in Northampton, MA which appeals to my love of coffee shops, unique restaurants and beautiful running routes. I hope you come visit us! We look forward to meeting you and showing you who we are, and why Baystate is such a wonderful place to train.

Dr. March Thompson March Thompson MD

Trinity College Dublin School of Medicine

Hi, I’m March. I grew up in Basalt Colorado - an amazing, tiny town in the Rockies. I got my BA in Biology from Colorado College, and while there spent spare moments trail-running, skiing, biking and rock climbing. While I love big mountains, I also love the many places that my travels have taken me since.

After graduating I worked on a Chagas disease research project in the rural areas of Ecuador, which encompassed clinical care, public health, and education, and shaped my love of multi-faceted patient care. I then worked for two years doing HCV research with the University of Washington and University of Colorado. Through a whirlwind of connections and serendipity, I decided to go to Trinity College Dublin (in Ireland) for medical school. It was incredible to learn medicine in a health care system different to what we are used to in the US, and a wonderful experience to live in another country and culture.

While applying and interviewing for Ob/Gyn residency, it became clear to me that Baystate has an unparalleled balance of resident quality of life, quality of learning, diverse patient demographics and the specialties available to treat them, and of course, the support and dedication of the faculty and other residents. It just felt like home. I’m so happy to be a part of the Baystate Ob/Gyn team!