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Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Curriculum

Emphasis is placed on physiologic basis and clinical application of mechanical ventilation, physiologic and metabolic profiles, nutritional support, antimicrobial therapy, electrolyte balance, trauma pathophysiology, invasive and non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring, ICP monitoring and therapy, acid base chemistry, pulmonary physiology, ethics, and computerized application of scoring systems.

Subspecialty fellows will receive comprehensive training in all facets of inpatient medical and surgical ICU, trauma, and cardiac intensive care.  There also will be been five months of elective and four months of research time over the two-year program. 

Teaching Responsibilities

  • medical
  • emergency room
  • anesthesia
  • surgical and obstetric residents and students rotating through the ICU


First Year

  • MICU: 5 months
  • SICU: 2 months
  • Anesthesia: 1 month
  • Cardiac ICU: 1 month
  • Electives*: 2 months

Second Year

  • MICU: 3 months
  • SICU: 2 months
  • Research: 3 months
  • Electives*: 3 months

*Electives include: pediatric critical care, nephrology/dialysis, and infectious diseases.  Instruction in echocardiography and interventional radiology are also available; this is most efficiently accomplished with part-day rotations during research months.