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Images should be used to supplement text content on the website.

Image Height and Width

Use the heights and widths provided below with the appropriate templates. Do not upload an image in a smaller size. This will lead to sub-optimal image quality.

Home Page Banner Image (Hero Image)

1580 x 608 pixels

Landing Page Banner Image

1580 x 485 pixels

Landing Page Callout Images

350 x 350 pixels

Home Page Callout Images

540 x 360 pixels

News Story Image

300 x 300 (or 250 x 250)


100 x 133 pixels


200 x 133

Image in Content

250Text will wrap around images that are smaller than the width of the content area. A good rule-of-thumb for floated images in a 2- or 3-column layout is 250 x 250 pixels square, but the height can be variable if the image is not square.  Images should be no more than half of the width of the main content column (no more than 360 pixels wide on a 2-column wide right page) if they are being displayed next to text.

Images that are oriented right are preferred. In the WYSIWYG editor, you can apply the float-right class to images once you have inserted them into the content.

Open Graph (Social) Image

1200 x 630 pixels

Adding images to the "open graph" field in the Sitecore editor will ensure that an image previews along with your link when you share it to Facebook.

Image Slider

Height: at least 260 pixels

Before You Upload

Follow design and brand standards set forth for image creation.

Upload images to the appropriate location in the media library. 

Use the content editor to find and insert images into content.

  • Images should be sized correctly before they are uploaded. The CMS is not an image editor.
  • Use alt tags appropriately to label images.
  • Images should always be floated right unless they occupy the full width of their content area. Images may be floated left only when this position is crucial to the understanding of content.