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3 New Residents: 3 Reasons for Choosing Baystate

August 14, 2019

On July 1, UMass Medical School-Baystate welcomed 90 new residents  from 45 medical schools in 19 states
(+ Puerto Rico) and 11 countries into its ten ACGME-accredited residency programs.

In all, some 372 residents and fellows are now in training at Baystate.

Meet three of our new residents in training:

Local for Life: Tiago Martins DO, PGY1 Internal Medicine

Resident Tiago Martins and His Mom

To Tiago, Baystate is home.

His sister was born here, as a high schooler he job shadowed in Baystate's radiology and emergency departments, and his mother Maria works as a housekeeper in Daly 5A.

Why Baystate?

Tiago says that way back when he shadowed here at Baystate, he knew he wanted to come back and work here. What stood out most to him then is the same thing that sticks out to him now that he's training in the Internal Medicine residency here.

It's the teamwork that exists with one goal in mind—patient care.

Read Dr. Tiago Martins' entire interview: Local for Life

"Risky" Couples Match: Tara Formisano DO, PGY1 Obstetrics-Gynecology

Residency Couples Match: Tara Formisano and Adrianne Wurzl

Tara and her partner didn't do an "official" couples match—too much paperwork!

She and Adrianne Wurzl DO, PGY1 Emergency Medicine, understood they were risking being apart for residency, but they followed their own carefully thought-out path.

Why Baystate?

The OB-Gyn program's resident as teacher model stood out to Tara. She says it is unique, she hadn't seen it elsewhere, and it fits her learning style.

She did a Sub-Internship at Baystate and loved that the residents and faculty were willing to teach and welcomed her with open arms—she wanted to be part of it.

Read Dr. Tara Formisano's entire interview: "Risky" Couples Match

Roller Derby Alter Ego: Lauren Wagener DO, PGY1 Medicine-Pediatrics

Med-Peds resident Lauren Wagener in the roller derby
Photo: Matt Mead Weddings

“That isn’t me...but I want it to be."

Lauren says she leaned toward being shy and reserved, but roller derby encompassed something different: Owning your space, shameless self expression, taking risks.

Why Baystate?

During interview season Lauren heard a question that stuck with her. She was asked what kind of person—not just what kind of doctor—she wanted to be at the end of her Med-Peds training.

Lauren found Baystate’s environment welcoming, engaging, supportive, spirited, collaborative—exactly the type of person she wants to be.

Read Dr. Lauren Wagener's entire interview: Roller Derby Alter Ego

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