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Ways to Get Involved at UMass Chan – Baystate

Want to Get Involved in Research?

Clinical Trials Support 

Want to advance medical knowledge and make state-of-the-art treatments available to our patients? The Baystate Clinical Trials Office (CTO) welcomes the involvement of faculty who want to promote or lead cutting-edge research. The CTO can also help identify resources to support your clinical trials. Contact for more information.

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Epidemiology and Biostatistics Research Core (EBRC)

Do you have a research question you want to study but are not sure where to start? Do you need help with data analysis or a current project? The EBRC is a team of epidemiologists and statisticians who help clinicians undertake research by providing guidance on research methods and analysis. Staff of the EBRC have expertise in study design for clinical research, data analysis, sample size estimation, database creation and management, and other research methods. Questions about the services and support that are offered may be directed to Paul Visintainer at

Internal Grant Funding

Have an idea for an external grant but need pilot data to convince a funder? Want to buy some clinical time to write a research grant? The Research Pilot Award Program (RPAP) and Grant Development Award Program (GDAP) facilitate sponsored research that advances the safety, quality, patient experience access, equity, and value of the patient care we deliver. Contact for details.

Human Research Protection Program (HRPP)

Any research conducted at Baystate involving human subjects must be reviewed and approved by the HRPP. They will help you navigate the regulations and compliance to ensure that research is conducted ethically and participants’ rights and welfare are protected. Contact the HRPP Office at

QI Methodology & Learning Health Systems (LHS)

LHS Rounds is a monthly venue where members of the Division of Healthcare Quality, Operations Excellence, Clinical Informatics, EBRC, and the Department of Healthcare Delivery and Population Sciences collaborate with clinicians from across Baystate Health to address topics of high strategic importance to our health system. If you have topics, suggestions, or feedback, please contact Dr. Lauren Westafer at or Aubri Drake

Want to Get Involved in Teaching Medical Students, Residents, or Fellows?

Capstone, Scholarship & Discovery (CSD)

The CSD is a four-year longitudinal scholarly experience, which allows students to identify a professionally related topic of their own, contribute to a project which addresses specific needs of the topic, and demonstrate mastery of the particular topic. If you would like to be a Capstone Advisor for a four-year longitudinal scholarly project for a medical student, please contact

Clinical Teaching

Most teaching opportunities occur at the Departmental level, including teaching of residents and fellows in the inpatient and outpatient settings. There are 11 residency programs and 27 fellowships at UMass Chan-Baystate. Contact your Department’s Residency Program Director for more information. (see below for Program Directors contacts)

Flexible Clinical Experience (FCE)

Please consider offering a UMass Chan-Baystate third-year medical student the opportunity to spend a week with you for an FCE to learn more about your specialty. Each student is required to complete four weeks of elective experiences in their third year of medical school. Normally, FCEs are 1-week long opportunities. Some of these early experiences influence career decisions, and these are rewarding experiences for the teachers and the students. The five-day FCE Course can be offered nine times during the year. You may choose to offer an experience to a single student for a single term or to multiple students over a few sessions. We expect it will take about 15 minutes to fill out details on the experience you can offer, via our online proposal form on the FCE Program website. If you do not have time to fill out the form, just let the FCE team know the title and specialty of the proposed course, with the times you can teach, and they will reach out to you to get the rest of the details. FCEs will be considered on a rolling basis. Please contact the FCE team at if you have any questions.

Longitudinal Preceptor Program (LPP)

Do you enjoy working one-on-one with medical students in your own clinical setting? In the Longitudinal Preceptor Program, first-year students spend recurring sessions with attending physicians, primarily in the outpatient setting, to practice their interviewing skills. Contact for details.

Other Medical Educational Opportunities

Do you enjoy curriculum development, clinical assessment, or participating in the medical school admissions process? If so, there are opportunities to join education-related committees, help conduct Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCE), and interview candidates applying to UMass Chan-Baystate. Contact

Summer Program (Research or Curriculum Development)

Are you looking for a student to assist with a current research or curriculum development project that you are developing? Students are matched to principal investigators for the Summer Program based on interest and experience. Students are paid by UMass Chan-Baystate. Please contact for more information.

Program Director & Academic Administrator Contact Information

Anesthesiology Program Director 
Brian Martin, MD
Phone: 794-8847 
Academic Administrator
Angela Dougherty
Phone: 794-3923 
Emergency Med. Program Director 
Adam Kellogg, MD
Phone: 794-5902 
Academic Administrator 
Lisa Courchesne
Phone: 794-5375 
Family Med. Program Director 
Chandra Hartman, MD
Phone: 773-2761 
Academic Administrator 
Rhonda Caouette
Phone: 773-2761 
Healthcare Delivery and Population Sciences No GME Program N/A 
Academic Administrator 
Justine Budhram
Phone: 794-2205 
Medicine Program Director 
Riffat Sabir, MD, MEdHP
Phone: 794-4373 
Academic Administrator 
Edlaina Guy
Phone: 794-6670 

Program Director
Maura Munoz, MD

Phone: 794-3146 
Academic Administrator
Laurie Thivierge
Phone: 794-5060 
Neurology No GME Program N/A
Academic Administrator 
Sheila Ortiz
Phone: 794-4754 
OB/Gyn Program Director 
Jacqueline Kates, MD
Phone: 794-4970 
Academic Administrator 
Caitlin Glenn
Phone: 794-5457 
Pathology Program Director 
James D. Mueller, MD, PhD
Phone: 794-5460 
Academic Administrator 
Diane Warner
Phone: 794-4550 
Pediatrics Program Director 
Molly Senn-McNally, MD
Phone: 794-3938 
Academic Administrator 
Laurie Thivierge 
Phone: 794-5060 
Psychiatry Program Director 
Steven V. Fischel, MD, PhD
Phone: 794-3376 
Academic Administrator 
Adaliz Diaz
Phone: 794-4325 
Radiology Program Director 
Christopher Mudge, MD
Phone: 794-3333 
Academic Administrator 
Elaine (Lainie) Kazin 
Phone: 794-4644 
Surgery Program Director
Neal E. Seymour, MD
Phone: 794-4025 
Academic Administrator 
Gretchen Warner
Phone: 794-5161 

For additional information, please email Marc Labrie, MBA, Director of the Office of Faculty Affairs at

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