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Family Medicine Residency Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

The Greenfield Family Medicine Residency curriculum is designed to give residents the robust, interdisciplinary education needed to become skilled, team-oriented family medicine physicians and leaders.

A longitudinal curriculum structured around resident continuity clinic runs throughout the year, along with blocks with an educational focus on topics such as, dermatology, women’s health, geriatrics, and more.

Multiple community partners in Franklin County—including a local community health center, nursing home, and Baystate affiliate specialty practices—enhance the outpatient experience with clinical and population health learning opportunities.

As a new program, we will be constantly going through science of improvement and using resident and faculty feedback to improve our curriculum as we move forward.


The Greenfield Family Medicine Residency will train and nurture family physicians to provide high-value primary care for rewarding outpatient-focused innovative practices in western Massachusetts and beyond.

We work towards our mission by developing family physicians who are:

  • Experts in primary care—navigating health concerns regardless of age
  • Builders of trusted physician-patient relationships
  • Procedurally skilled and competent
  • Community-engaged and understanding of the social determinants of health
  • Committed to evidence-based medicine—using new technologies and data to help prioritize and coordinate care
  • Attentive to wellness and prevention
  • Trusted patient advocates
  • Leaders in collaborative and team-based care
  • Lifelong learners

Block Schedule

Each year is divided into 13 four-week rotation blocks. Most of our hospital-based rotations are at Baystate Franklin Medical Center in Greenfield right across the street from our Health Center. Inpatient pediatrics months and two labor and delivery months are at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield where residents will practice interdisciplinary team-based care

Family Medicine Residency Block Schedule

Participating Sites

GFM= Greenfield Family Medicine health center
BFMC = Baystate Franklin Medical Center, Greenfield (sponsoring institution)
BMC = Baystate Medical Center, Springfield
Poets Seat = Poets Seat Health Care Skilled Nursing and Rehab Facility, Greenfield
CHC/FC = Community Health Center of Franklin County, Greenfield and Orange

Curriculum Highlights

Community Health Center of Franklin County Experiences

The CHCFC is a federally qualified health center in downtown Greenfield that provides an excellent clinical opportunity for our residents, especially those interested in serving our community's most vulnerable patients. Residents from all levels rotate through CHCFC for pediatric clinics, MAT clinic, and dental urgent care. You will also have the opportunity to create your own CHCFC-based electives during your senior year.

You will also gain community medicine experience in workshops and other learning opportunities focused on the social determinants of health, early Intervention, WIC, cross-cultural medicine, etc.

Practice Innovation and Scholarly Activities

You will work with a faculty member to choose a practice innovation/quality improvement project during the latter half of your PGY1 year and will have dedicated time to work on the project during your PGY2 year.

All residents present their projects at a residency-wide symposium during the end of their PGY3 year. Residents who are interested can pursue other scholarly activities throughout their residency and may even be able to present at regional or national family medicine conferences.

Global Health Initiative

Interested in international health and cultural diversity? REACH (Residents Educated in Alternative Cultures and Heath) provides an overview of important issues for residents considering medical work in low resource settings and is open to any UMass Chan-Baystate resident.


Family medicine conferences take place on Tuesday afternoons, starting with Grand Rounds at noon and continuing with a variety of didactic sessions, hands-on workshops, and protected time for resident business meetings and support groups.

Residents are expected to attend other educational conferences (e.g. case reports, journal clubs, teaching rounds, etc.) that are scheduled during specific rotations.