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Comfort Provided by Spiritual Services for COVID-19 Patients

November 24, 2020
Ute 250

Ute Schmidt is the manager for Spiritual Services at Baystate Health. She shares her experiences supporting patients and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While rounding on the COVID-19 criticalcare unit I looked through the glass door into a room where I saw a familiar face. There in the ICU bed, hooked up to the ventilator and IV pumps, was a former pastoral care student of mine. He had become a Catholic Deacon in the community. I hadn’t seen him in a while but was immediately shocked to see his usually smiling face looking pale and numb. I said a prayer for him outside the door and called his wife who shared their story of how both were infected.

Over the next two weeks, I visited him regularly and had our Priest come by to say the prayers. We called his wife regularly. When he was finally able to be transferred to another unit because he was improving, he told the nurse that he was nervous to be transported. I heard about his fear and offered to accompany him on the transport.

All went well and he was deeply grateful and relieved. He recovered on the regular COVID-19 floor and was discharged home the week after Easter. I checked in with him a week later and he couldn’t be more pleased and relieved about the care he received at Baystate.

This is just one example of the many stories about Baystate Health team members supporting patients during COVID-19. We are so appreciative to all who have made a difference in the lives of our patients during these difficult times.

Honored for Her Work

New York Life Foundation awarded Reverend Schmidt a $50,000 grant as part of its Love Takes Action program. She was nominated for the award by Foundation Trustee and New York Life agent Jean Deliso, CFP, for her compassionate care for patients and families during the COVID-19 pandemic.