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How do new nurses go on to become great nurses at Baystate?

September 07, 2016
Nurse Residency 2016

How do new nurses go on to become great nurses at Baystate Medical Center where they bring their skilled knowledge and compassionate caregiving to the bedside every day?

There are many reasons, first and foremost is their participation in Baystate Medical Center‘s Nurse Residency Program.

Congratulations to 70 Nurse Residency Grads

On March 21, seventy nurses from Baystate Medical Center’s Nurse Residency Program attended a “unique” graduation ceremony at the hospital’s Chestnut Conference Center. They weren’t graduating from nursing school, they’re already nurses. Instead, they were attending the 7th graduation of the BMC Nurse Residency Program. Certificates were awarded by Christine Klucznik, DNP, RN, chief nursing officer and vice president, Medicine, Professional Practice and Magnet.

Baystate’s BSN Nurse Residency Program is a one-year curriculum for newly graduated registered nurses, offering hands-on clinical experience, in-depth learning through monthly seminars, participation in evidence-based projects, and ongoing professional development. The program was developed in collaboration with Vizient, formerly known as the University HealthSystem Consortium and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.

Baystate Supports New Nurse Graduates

New graduate nurses participating in the program gain invaluable experience with the mentoring guidance of Baystate staff nurses, and BMC supports new nurse graduates to help ensure we have the nurses we’ll need to provide exceptional care to our patients in the future.

Congratulations to the latest Nurse Resident graduates (clinical areas follow their names):

Amy Tousignant BSN, RN – Infants and Children’s

Abbey Evans BSN, RN – Infants and Children’s

Cara Sesmer BSN, RN – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Elizabeth Doyle BSN, RN – Continuing Care Nursery

Viktoria Dubovoy BSN, RN – Chestnut Operating Room

Amy Frazier BSN, RN – Daly Daly Operating Room

Deirdre Yasutomo BSN, RN – Daly Operating Room

Kirsten Pasterczyk BSN, RN – Heart and Vascular Critical Care / Progressive Care Unit

Yazmarie Quinones BSN, RN – Emergency Department

Bethany Hamilton BSN, RN – Emergency Department

Elizabeth Palmer BSN, RN – Neuro

Maxine Moultrie BSN, RN – Neuro

Marissa Morassi BSN, RN – Neuro

Ashley Duncan BSN, RN – Surgical

Renee Geoffrion BSN, RN – Surgical

Jillian Midghall BSN, RN – Surgical

Marissa Provost BSN, RN – Surgical

Jillian Janicki BSN, RN – Surgical

Kayla Narey BSN, RN – Medical

Kaileen Duffy BSN, RN – Medical

Lauren Yenulevich BSN, RN – Cardiac

Allison Radzicki BSN, RN – Vascular

Sarah Guyer BSN, RN – Vascular

Molly Pulchtopek BSN, RN – Heart Failure

Katie Swinburne BSN, RN – Heart Failure

Margarita Dunayev BSN, RN – Observation

Sophia Hayward BSN, RN – Respiratory

Linda Mei Kuang BSN, RN - Respiratory

Nicole Gaouette BSN, RN – Medical / Telemetry

Anna Bombard BSN, RN – Medical

Ashley Perez BSN, RN – Medical

Hteekapan Win BSN, RN – Medical / Telemetry

Emily Nelson BSN, RN – Medical / Telemetry

Elizabeth Gaspari BSN, RN – Labor and Delivery

Jennifer K. Torres BSN, RN – Women’s Evaluation & Treatment Unit

Meghan O'Brien BSN, RN – Infants and Children’s

Meeghan Collins BSN, RN – Infants and Children’s

Erin Zani BSN, RN – Intensive Care Unit

William Castro BSN, RN – Intensive Care Unit

Natasia Mysliwiec BSN, RN – Intensive Care Unit

Daniel Ferguson BSN, RN – Neuro

Kristy Cintron BSN, RN – Surgical

Blair Patton BSN, RN – Surgical

Rebecca Hart BSN, RN – Surgical

Kelly Dupuis BSN, RN – Surgical

Erica Sullivan Daly 6B – Surgical

Elaine Della Rippa BSN, RN – Medical

Erin Mahar BSN, RN – Medical

Kylie White BSN, RN – Medical

Marilia L. Silva BSN, RN – Vascular

Tamara Pless BSN, RN – Vascular

Lindsay Stockley BSN, RN – Heart Failure

Shirley Ryan BSN, RN – Observation

Jennifer Watson BSN, RN – Medical / Telemetry

Mary Kate Kwarcinski BSN, RN – Medical / Telemetry

Taiwo Akinwumi BSN, RN – Medical

Rebecca Schlask BSN, RN - Oncology

Cara D'Antonio BSN, RN – Medical / Telemetry

Julia Kozlik BSN, RN – Medical / Telemetry

Kristi Chamberlain BSN, RN – Medical / Telemetry

Doris Haber BSN, RN – Respiratory

Michelle Manser BSN, RN – Surgical

Stacey Peters BSN, RN – Infants and Children’s

Alicia Spano BSN, RN - Cardiac

Sara Gibby BSN, RN – Operating Room

Eulogio Valdes BSN, RN – Neuro

Caitlin Underwood BSN, RN – Vascular

Joshua Aliengena BSN, RN – Medical / Telemetry

Emily Troczynski BSN, RN – Emergency Department

Emily Wagner BSN, RN – Surgical