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Pediatric Lead Poisoning & Environmental Health

We're Here to Help

If you suspect your child has been exposed to lead, or if you have other environmental exposure concerns, talk to your pediatrician or call us: 413-794-KIDS.

If your child has lead poisoning or another environmental health exposure or illness, you’re in good hands at Baystate Children’s Hospital. Our services include:
  • Assessment of environmental exposures
  • Education about ways to prevent further environmental exposures

Lead is a very toxic, poisonous metal. Lead poisoning occurs when lead builds up in the body. This serious condition can cause brain damage, physical harm, and even death. It often occurs gradually, over months or years. Treatment is available at Baystate Children’s Hospital, but damage from lead poisoning can’t be reversed.

Children are typically exposed to lead through paint on the walls of old houses, buildings, and toys. Young children are the most at risk. Children can get lead poisoning by putting objects with lead in their mouths - such as toys painted with lead paint - or by touching objects with lead in them and then putting their fingers in their mouths.

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