Pediatric Procedure Unit

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A Special Place for Special Procedures

No matter how “brave” or “grown up” children may seem, kids aren’t little adults. That’s why we created our Pediatric Procedure Unit at Baystate Children’s Hospital – a fully accredited hospital within Baystate Medical Center. Here, we perform a variety of special procedures that may require anesthesia support in the comfort of an outpatient unit, instead of in the operating room or the pediatric intensive care unit.

Skilled Treatments in Our Stress-Free Environment

Our commitment is to give your child a stress-free experience. This specialized unit is “kid friendly,” with an environment and equipment designed just for children. Our friendly and compassionate staff provides a number of tests and intensive therapies and treatments for kids, including:

  • Abscess drains
  • Bone marrow biopsies and aspirations
  • Catheter placement
  • Chest tube insertion or removal
  • Feeding tube replacement
  • Infusion therapy, including short chemotherapy infusions
  • Lumbar punctures
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Pediatric endoscopy
  • Pediatric bronchoscopy
  • Spinal taps

It’s also nice to know pediatric intensive care specialists are always nearby, day or night.

Personalized Care from Child Life Specialists

Along with the pediatric specialists and nurses who care for your child, our child life specialists are important members of the care team. They help take some of the stress out of being in the hospital by explaining procedures to your child in easily understood language.

Child-life specialists use “healing” play to help your child express fear or other emotions. There are also plenty of “fun” distractions on the unit – toys, games, iPads, and more – to help keep kids engaged and occupied.

Specialties at a Glance

The process of healing for your child is of our top priority. Baystate provides the utmost care and compassionate experts.

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