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Reproductive Medicine

dreamstimesmall_5408185Baystate’s fertility clinic serves infertility patients from Massachusetts, Connecticut and surrounding areas. Many patients travel to our fertility clinic for treatment because of our outstanding IVF (in vitro fertilization) success rates. 

Our fertility clinic is convenient to those living in Massachusetts and Connecticut.  We hope you will give us the opportunity to help you conceive the child of your dreams. Appointments can usually be scheduled within two weeks.  Call today for an appointment with one of our infertility specialists.

Baystate’s fertility clinic is the only full-service infertility diagnostic and fertility treatment program in Western Massachusetts. We have helped thousands of couples become parents over the past 21 years.  We offer state-of-the-art fertility services and are committed to offering the very best in reproductive medicine.

Our fertility clinic staff includes five Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Specialists with extensive advanced training and clinical experience. Our infertility specialists are keenly aware of the emotional and physical challenges faced by infertile couples.  Each patient receives compassionate, personal, individualized care. One of our goals is that no patient leaves our clinic with unanswered questions. Our entire staff shares this philosophy and are always available to answer questions.

Our services include thorough infertility testing to discover the cause(s) of infertility. Half of infertile couples will have a male infertility component so the male evaluation is a critical part of the workup. We have the latest “state of the art” fertility testing equipment.

Infertility treatment does not always involve high tech procedures, such as IVF. Many patients become pregnant using first line treatments such as medications or intrauterine insemination (IUI). Oftentimes, fertility drugs are used in an IUI cycle to stimulate egg production.

IVF may offer the best hope of pregnancy depending on the cause of infertility. IVF with ICSI can be a first line treatment in some cases of male infertility, in cases where the tubes are damaged, or other situations.

Donor egg IVF is appropriate for women with reduced ovarian reserve, ovarian failure, or in some cases of unexplained infertility. Baystate’s infertility clinic has an active, very successful donor egg program.  Donor egg gives hope to women who otherwise could not have children.