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Genetic & High Risk Assessment, Testing, & Counseling

At the Baystate Breast & Wellness Center, women with a family history of breast cancer or with a personal history of benign breast disease are evaluated and provided with personalized recommendations for risk reduction.

How the Program Works

Your information is reviewed in advance of your appointment, including details about family members who may have had cancer or prior genetic testing, to help make the visit most valuable. If you meet standardized criteria, our medical oncologists may recommend that you consider genetic testing. This test may help determine if you have inherited a gene that predisposes you to breast and ovarian cancer.

Genetic counseling and testing is performed at the Baystate Breast & Wellness Center. Whether or not you are found to be at genetic risk, you receive a comprehensive consultation that not only addresses genetics, but also provides you with a personalized plan about strategies that may make sense for your risk reduction. This may include recommendations for the frequency of screening procedures, information about chemopreventative agents, and education about lifestyle strategies.


Women who are found to be at high risk for breast cancer may choose to have regular follow-up in the High Risk Clinic at the Baystate Breast & Wellness Center. This includes:

  • Coordinated annual follow up visits. You will have same day appointments for a clinical breast exam and digital mammography, with copies of your reports sent to your primary care provider and/or your women's health provider as you request.
  • Appropriate use of breast MRI and interpretation if necessary, based on guidelines agreed upon by the Baystate Breast Health Network.
  • Prompt referral to a breast surgeon for any breast problems.