Your Baystate Health Hospital Care Team

Baystate Health Care Teams Provide Care From All Angles

We’re committed to providing you with quality care throughout your hospital stay. That includes your medical care, of course, like the care provided by doctors and nurses in the hospital. But it also includes providing care when you might not have a doctor of your own , and providing it all in a safe, secure environment.

You may never see some of the essential staff who provide that care. We call these important people—who are both behind the scenes and providing direct medical care--your hospital care team.

When you enter any Baystate Health facilities you can feel confident we are keeping your safety, security, and quality medical care top of mind.

What is a Hospitalist?

Hospitalists are a critical piece of your hospital care team. They’re board-certified hospital-based internal medical doctors who ensure you receive the care you need, even when your personal physician can’t see you at Baystate. They also serve as liaisons between hospital departments and your primary care physician and care for patients admitted through the Emergency Department who do not have primary care physicians.

Because they’re experts in the diagnosis and treatment of seriously ill patients and are based exclusively in the hospital, hospitalists can respond to patients' needs quickly. They conduct daily rounds and are on site all day.

We have a whole system in place for communication among the team, and we are able to deliver this high level of care every day to people who need it.
Dr. Ziad Kutayli

We Want to Hear From You

We listen to our patients and their families and often make improvements based on what we hear about your care experiences.

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