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New Chief Faculty Development Officer Aims to Support Faculty At All Levels

November 02, 2015

Dr. Amy GottliebNew Chief Faculty Development Officer and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Amy Gottlieb MD, will be joining Baystate on November 3, 2015. Dr. Gottlieb is planning to establish an Office of Faculty Affairs that supports and advances the academic careers of all Baystate faculty.

She notes that Baystate has demonstrated its commitment to the professional development of its faculty, and says, “Recognizing that the success of its faculty is critical to the organization’s academic mission and its continued excellence in patient care is forward-thinking and impressive.”

Identifying Career Development Needs

Gottlieb’s initial focus is twofold. She wants to get an understanding of the career development needs identified by Baystate’s faculty and academic leaders. She will also become familiar with the requirements for faculty appointment and promotion so that she can create user-friendly operations to help faculty meet those expectations.

"Our task ahead is to build a robust Office of Faculty Affairs at Baystate that will support career advancement at our academic medical center.”

Developing Programs For Faculty at All Levels

Dr. Gottlieb thinks it is important to value faculty contributions across the professional spectrum.

So, in addition to establishing academic orientation and professional networks for new faculty, she wants to implement mechanisms to support and sponsor the leadership aspirations of mid-career and senior faculty.

“Implementing programs to cultivate faculty development around scholarly activity, to ensure formal mentorship, and to encourage academic strategic planning for all individuals will be critical as well,” says Gottlieb.

Creating systems and multidisciplinary collaborations that support faculty career development is something Gottlieb says she enjoys. She created a longitudinal mentoring and sponsorship initiative, called the Career Advising Program, for the Society of General Internal Medicine’s Women and Medicine Task Force in 2012. CAP advising focuses on CV preparation, high-impact committee membership, and strategies for relationship-building with external promotion-letter writers.

She looks forward to the opportunity to lead similar efforts at Baystate.

Keeping Scholarly Activity In Perspective

Dr. Gottlieb will be bringing a memento to her new office at Baystate—a community award for excellence in women’s health that she received early in her career.

“It’s a reminder of the ultimate goal of all our scholarly pursuits—to improve the lives and well-being of the patients and communities we serve.”