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Baystate Wing sonographer makes a life-saving observation

October 07, 2015

It was just a regular day for Michele Silva, lead sonographer, Baystate Wing Hospital, when she called her next patient in for an ultrasound. Two boys followed the patient, and Silva noticed that one was having a hard time walking. As she took the patient’s history, she kept glancing at the boy who was whimpering and looking uncomfortable. When she asked what was wrong, the boy’s mother said he had the flu.

“The mother in me couldn’t help but be concerned. I asked him where it hurt, and he pointed to his right lower quadrant below his abdomen and said the pain went down his leg,” recalls Silva.

Silva encouraged the mother to take the boy to the Emergency Department. The mother resisted; Silva persisted. When the mom agreed, Silva personally escorted them to the Emergency Department.

“I later found out that not only did he have appendicitis, but that it had perforated and he was getting sent to Baystate Medical Center for surgery. I checked on him one more time and wished them luck before they left,” says Silva.

Staff, including Dr. Rock Jean-Guillaume from Wing’s Emergency Department, thanked Silva for being observant: “She saved the boy’s life,” he said.