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TechSpring and Dell Services launch healthcare innovation programs

September 04, 2015

Dell Services and Techspring, the technology innovation center created by Baystate Health, has announced the launch of new innovation programs focused on using predictive analytics and telehealth virtual communications to improve care and outcomes for patients with chronic diseases.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “chronic diseases are among the most prevalent, costly and preventable of all health problems.”

The innovation programs aim to improve patient care and experience, while also controlling and reducing costs associated with chronic disease and emergency room treatment. TechSpring provides technology Innovation and Adoption Acceleration support for the program. This includes focus groups and other feedback facilitation, a formal innovation project process, and overall program management.

“The time for thought leaders and innovators to come together to help improve all facets of healthcare is now,” said Lynne A. Dunbrack, research vice president, IDC Health Insights. “We believe that with costs rising, reducing operational inefficiency is critical. The data from these innovative devices can help guide us toward care that is both more efficient and more effective.”

Analytics To Improve Patient Healthcare Outcomes

As a founding sponsor and innovation partner of TechSpring, Dell will take an in-depth look at mid- to high-risk patient populations and leverage clinical, socio-economic data, claims and other data to provide a comprehensive analysis of the patient population risk. Baystate Health will use the data to predictively target patients for more effective care management, and better understand the best clinical models and processes for today and the future based on the population and patient needs, while maintaining the most stringent patient privacy protocols.

The predictive analytics innovation project will leverage Dell Population Health Analytics, which offers data integration and predictive analytics to provide comprehensive insights into the health risks of patient population and management of care processes. Dell’s population health analytics aggregates data from multiple sources to better identify health risks, gaps in care, appropriate interventions, data tracking and reporting metrics critical to clinical and financial success.

“Health systems, like Baystate Health, have witnessed seismic shifts in healthcare forcing it to change the way it fundamentally does business. Transforming our care delivery models, our population management, and our patient engagement is essential to healthcare in the 21st century. Innovation is key to this transformation and we are excited to have found a dynamic and ambitious partner in Dell who can help drive the development of technology and data solutions in healthcare,” said Joel Vengco, vice president and CIO of Baystate Health and founder of TechSpring.

Telehealth To Go Beyond Traditional Healthcare Delivery

Dell and TechSpring will also conduct telehealth pilot programs to provide selected patients an alternative to visiting their healthcare professionals in person while working to reduce the costs of patient visits and to prioritize critical cases that need extra medical attention.

These programs will leverage telehealth in a variety of ways including e-visits, which allow patients to manage their own care in the comfort and convenience of their homes and tele-monitoring program for chronic care patients. For example, a patient with diabetes can have critical vital signs actively monitored from home and receive reminders and encouragement to maintain the prescribed schedule of treatment. The possible result is an improved quality of life and a reduction in repeat visits to a physician or readmission into a hospital.

Dell and Baystate are also evaluating the feasibility of freestanding healthcare pods that allow patients to consult with a healthcare professional face-to-face via video. By capturing health vitals during the e-visit, the healthcare professional can determine the best course of treatment virtually, ultimately helping reduce the number of patients admitted through the emergency room and allowing non-critical patients faster and more convenient care.

“At Dell, we are focused on finding ways to apply technology and innovation to solve our customers’ most challenging problems,” said Sid Nair, vice president and global general manager, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Dell Services. “The innovation projects being conducted with Baystate Health are a great example of how technology can help provide better patient care and create a way for healthcare organizations to better manage the plans and treatment of their patients.”

About TechSpring, the Baystate Health Technology Innovation Center

TechSpring is a technology Innovation & Adoption Accelerator leveraging the assets of a large integrated health system to overcome barriers for technology innovation and adoption in healthcare in collaboration with leading technology companies as well as technology startups.

TechSpring Insights offers focus groups and other feedback mechanisms critical to innovators.

TechSpring Adoption Accelerator facilitates in-vivo innovation projects creating proof-points that pave the way to adoption and market success.

About Baystate Health

Baystate Health is a not-for-profit healthcare organization serving over 750,000 people throughout western New England. Services include an academic medical center, community hospitals, medical practices, homecare and hospice, regional reference lab, and the insurer Health New England.

As part of a state-wide $1 billion healthcare innovation initiative in Massachusetts, Baystate Health launched an innovation and adoption accelerator, TechSpring, to match private enterprise with partners to take on some of healthcare’s most difficult challenges.

About Dell

Dell Inc. listens to customers and delivers innovative technology and services that give them the power to do more.

As one of the leading providers of end-to-end IT solutions for healthcare worldwide, Dell helps healthcare organizations to:

  • Simplify administration
  • Coordinate and manage patient care
  • Transition from episodic care to prevention and wellness management
  • Deliver personalized medicine

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