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Ergonomics is the study of the kind of work you do, the environment you work in, and the tools you use to do your job. Proper ergonomics can help reduce fatigue, discomfort and injury at work.

Healthy ergonomics is especially important if you:

- Sit or use a computer 4 or more hours a day 

- Frequently lift patients or heavy objects

- Frequently "push," "pull,"  or perform "overhead reach" motions during your day

Prevent Musculoskeletal Injuries: 

BH Web Based Training: Basic ErgonomicsThis trainingcovers the basic principles of ergonomics and how they apply to work at Baystate Health.  In particular, the training addresses healthy ways to work in job roles that require long periods of sitting and frequent lifting, pulling, pushing or reaching overhead. 

Workstation Self-Assessments: 

  • Computer Workstation Ergonomics - This guide includes an Evaluation Checklist to help you create a safe and comfortable computer workstation.
  • Computer Workstation Ergonomics: Posture, Process & Environment - This guide illustrates simple principles that will help you work safely and comfortably at your computer workstation.

Request a Formal Workstation Evaluation:

Formal Workstation Evaluations - To request a formal workstation evaluation, your manager should contact John Murray in the Safety and Environmental Affairs office by email or phone at 413-794-1400. The cost of this workstation evaluation is charged to your department cost center, unless you have an approved Worker's Compensation claim.  

Workplace Injury:

If you believe you have sustained a workplace injury: 

1. You or your manager must complete the "Workers' Compensation Employee Incident" request type on the Accident Report form, found on the Employee Health Services website. 

2. Call Employee Health Services at 413-794-3254 to schedule an appointment.