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Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Philosophy

Simply put, Baystate strives to be the best med-peds training program in the country.  At Baystate you will receive exceptional residency training in a uniquely supportive and collegial environment that stresses educational innovation and excellence. 

We are fortunate to be one of a handful of programs in the country chosen to participate in the Educational Innovation Project (EIP).  The ACGME is allowing a small number of particularly strong residencies in internal medicine (and their affiliated med-peds programs) to devise creative and innovative ways to train physicians.  We invite you to explore our EIP project when you visit.

Baystate’s culture actively discourages the traditional hierarchy that pervades many ‘old-school’ institutions.   Residents are treated as junior faculty in our mission to educate each other and our medical students.  At Baystate you will be introduced to the 7th core competency: Teamwork.  We are re-designing both inpatient and outpatient care in team models that will not only improve your educational experience, but will improve the care you provide to patients.

The importance of humanity in residency education is exemplified by our competitive salary structure and benefits, free personal counseling, career guidance, and subsidized social events.  Workload control, the float system, and resident participation in the design of their program are examples of our respect for residents as colleagues.  We welcome you to visit what one recent applicant called, “the happiest group of residents in the country”.