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Radiologist Assistant

Career Description

Radiologist Assistants are Radiologic Technologists with advanced training in the field. Radiologist Assistants work under the supervision of a certified Radiologist and provide expanded patient management, perform more complex procedures and conduct research and teaching. One of their most important functions is dealing directly with the patient. This typically includes preprocedure consultations, during which they talk to patients, answer any questions and prepare them for procedures. You can also read about Radiologic Technologists on


Radiologist Assistants are masters prepared professionals.


Clinical experiences are arranged through the academic advisor from programs that are affiliated with BMC. 

Length of Clinical Experience

Students will participate in clinical experiences for 15 months.

Clinical Tracks at BMC

  • Department of Radiology

Institutional Affiliations

BMC is affiliated with the following institution/s for this program: 

Professional Associations and Other Information