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Cytogenetic Technologist

Career Description

A Cytogenetic Technologist performs specific laboratory techniques and microscopic evaluation to diagnose genetic diseases and disorders at the cellular level.  This discipline encompasses the fields of biology, chemistry, genetics and biochemistry.  The focus of Cytogenetic testing lies in the analysis of chromosomal aberrations found to be present in solid tumors, hematological cancers, and pre and post-natal disorders.


Specific accredited 4 year degree program which leads to a baccalaureate degree and/or certificate degree.


Clinical experiences are arranged through the academic advisor from programs affiliated with Baystate Medical Center.

Length of Clinical Experience

Students will participate in clinical experiences for a period of 6 months.

Clinical Tracks at BMC

  • Department of Pathology

Institutional Affiliations

BMC is affiliated with the following institutions for this program:

  • University of Connecticut - Diagnostic Genetics Sciences Program

Professional Associations and Other Information