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Virtual Community COVID-19 Vaccine Town Halls

With Dr. Esteban DelPilar-Morales, Dr. Lauren Westafer, Dr. Oscar Martinez, and Dr. Durane Walker

These events were recorded live with Focus Springfield April 20, 22, and 28, 2021

Watch the recordings below to get the answers to your COVID-19 vaccine questions, including:

How do the vaccines work? What are the differences between the vaccines? What does it feel like to be vaccinated? What are the side effects of the vaccine? And more.

See our COVID-19 vaccine FAQ for more.



Q&A with Dr. Durane Walker

How do vaccines work? Are the vaccines safe? What are the side effects? And more.

Q&A: COVID vaccines, fertility & pregnancy

Dr. Lauren Westafer and Dr. Oscar Martinez answer questions and address concerns about fertility and pregnancy.

Asambleas públicas de la comunidad sobre COVID-19 - Esteban DelPilar-Morales, MD