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Staying at the Hospital

Preparing for Your Stay

What to Bring with You

Bring any paperwork that the doctor's office has given you and the name and dosage of any medications you take. Don’t forget to let us know if you have any allergies during the admission process.

Please do not bring small children with you to your appointment as there will be no one to supervise them while your procedure is underway.

What to Wear

Before leaving home, be sure to bathe and remove all jewelry, contact lenses, make-up and nail polish. You may keep glasses and hearing aids on until the very last minute. Wear loose and comfortable clothing to make changing into a hospital gown easy.

When You Arrive

When you arrive at the department where you are to receive care, nurses may take your temperature, listen to your heart and lungs, weigh you, and ask questions. If you are an inpatient, they will then take you to your room; if you are an outpatient, they will take you to the waiting room for outpatient procedures.

Baystate Wing Hospital

When you arrive for appointments, tests and prescription pickup, we ask that you take a numbered ticket at the front desk. This system shortens the wait in line and also increases patient privacy in the registration area.

After taking a ticket, please wait in the lobby and your number will be announced and displayed over the location of the available receptionist.

Support During Your Stay

Your care will be managed by a hospitalist, a specialized physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant who will take care of you around the clock during your stay at the hospital. Your hospitalist communicates often with your primary care physician about your care, acting as your doctor's eyes and ears. You or your family may contact the hospitalist through your nurse.

Safety & Security

We have a fully trained security staff available 24 hours a day to manage all aspects of campus security.

Smoke-free Facility

Smoking is not permitted in any of our buildings, offices or at any event sponsored or presented by us. We also do not permit the possession or consumption of marijuana on Baystate Health premises.


We offer free cable television service to all of our patients, including all local commercial stations, general health information programming, closed caption service on ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS channels, and Spanish-language programming.

Phones & Electronic Devices

During your stay, a bedside telephone is available for your use and you may receive incoming calls directly to your bedside telephone. Local and toll-free calls are free. You may be asked to not use some electronic devices since they may interfere with medical equipment. Please refrain from taking photos and videos while in the hospital.

Telephone devices are available for patients who are deaf, hearing impaired and speech impaired (TTY/TDD).


We offer free wireless internet access to patients and visitors at all of our locations.

Leaving the Hospital

Discharge Times

Most patients leave the hospital before 11:00 AM.

Bridging Care from Hospital to Home

Some patients who leave the hospital may require additional care before returning to their homes. Your physician, nurses, and case management staff members can help you identify what setting will be best for you.