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Neurology Services

Care for the Brain, Spinal Cord & Nerves

Specialized care for complex conditions.

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Neurology Services

Specialized Care for Brain, Spinal Cord and Nerve Disorders

Neurological disorders are conditions that affect the brain, spinal cord or nerves. If you or a loved one has a neurological disorder, you deserve advanced care in a setting that’s close to home. That’s what you can expect from Baystate Health. Our expert neurologists provides outstanding medical care to patients from throughout western Massachusetts.

We have many advantages for our patients with neurological conditions, including:

We also offer team-based care with our colleagues in: 

Neurological Conditions We Treat

Our neurologists care for patients with the full range of neurological disorders. Some of the many conditions we treat include:

Learn more about the neurological disorders we treat.

Diagnosing Neurological Conditions

Doctors from throughout our region refer their patients to us for our advanced testing and diagnostic procedures for neurological disorders. We use a variety of tests to accurately diagnose your condition. Your testing may include:

  • Imaging tests, such as CT scans or MRI scans
  • Neuropsychological tests, which measure various areas of thinking, learning and behavior
  • Neurodiagnostic tests, which measure and record the activity of various areas of your nervous system

Explore our available diagnostic techniques and technologies.

Our Treatments for Neurological Conditions

Once we’ve accurately diagnosed your neurological disorder, you and your doctor will work together on a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan based on your unique needs. We offer a vast range of specialized treatments for neurological conditions — from rehabilitation and pain-management strategies to advanced neurosurgery.

Learn about the advanced treatments we provide for neurological disorders.

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