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Ensuring the longevity of local healthcare is a critical component of Healthier Tomorrows: The Campaign for Baystate Health. One way to contribute to these efforts is through the creation or support of the Baystate Health Foundation endowment.

What is an endowment fund?

Endowment gifts to Baystate Health Foundation establish permanent, living legacies – advancing world-class, accessible healthcare in western Massachusetts for generations to come. Gifts to our endowment provide vital resources for Baystate Health that can be counted on year after year. This stable funding allows the health system to continue to evolve and grow in how it delivers leading-edge care to best meet the needs of the community. An endowed fund offers a meaningful way to link your name and values – or that of a loved one - with Baystate Health in perpetuity – supporting elements of our mission that are most important to you and your family.

An endowment fund is an investment fund established to last forever. The gift is invested so the principal value may grow over time. Each year, a portion of the value of the fund is used to support the fund’s purpose. Earnings in excess of this distribution are used to build the fund’s market value. In this way, an endowment fund can grow and provide support for its designated purpose for generations to come. 

Why should I make a gift to the endowment?

The Baystate Health Foundation Endowment, including the named endowed funds listed here, operates exclusively to provide financial support to Baystate Health and its affiliated hospitals, programs and services. A robust endowment provides the financial sustainability for Baystate Health to have the resources it needs to meet the healthcare demands of the future, ensuring healthier tomorrows for generations to come.

What kind of endowment fund can I create?

Gifts of endowment are a meaningful way to create a lasting legacy for a Baystate Health program or hospital close to your heart. You may give in your name, in a loved one’s name, or in honor or memory of an individual to support of an area of Baystate Health that is important to you and your family.

You may establish an unrestricted or a restricted endowment fund.

Unrestricted Endowment Funds generate income that is prudently and responsively used to seize opportunities and meet challenges. By providing the means to address vital and sometimes urgent needs, an unrestricted endowment fund is an especially impactful way to create a living legacy at Baystate Health. You can establish a named, unrestricted fund designated to one of Baystate Health’s hospitals or the Baystate Home Health & Hospice with a minimum gift of $25,000.

Restricted Endowment Funds generate income to support a particular program at Baystate Health for which a donor has special affinity. With a minimum gift of $50,000, you can designate the use of your contribution toward a broad purpose, and we will create a restricted endowment fund in your name. For example, you can establish an endowment to support cardiovascular care, the Baystate Regional Cancer Program, research in pediatrics or another healthcare area of particular interest.

You and others may continue to build on your initial investment— commemorating birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions by adding to the fund.

Donors can create an endowed fund through an outright gift or in the future through a gift in their will.

See a list of existing endowed funds.

How are the Baystate Health Foundation endowment funds invested and spent?

Baystate Health Foundation provides the day-to-day administration of Baystate Health’s endowed funds. The Investment Committee of Baystate Health’s Board of Trustees provides policy oversight and strategic direction for the funds, adhering to a prudent investment policy. The Investment Committee contracts with an independent investment advisor for additional expertise to evaluate strategies that recognize specific operating and governance issues relevant to Baystate Health. The annual spending policy is recommended by the Investment Committee of the Baystate Health Board of Trustees, which is responsible for final decision-making.

How do I make an endowment gift?

Endowment giving allows you to impact the future of care at Baystate Health– in some cases without any distribution of your current assets. You may choose from an array of options:

Outright gift of cash, stock, real estate, or appreciated securities.

Planned gift (sometimes referred to as a “deferred” gift) in the form of a bequest in a will, a life insurance policy, a beneficiary designation of an IRA or other retirement vehicle, a charitable gift annuity or a trust from which you receive income during your lifetime.

What is a named endowed chair?

A named endowed chair is a prestigious honor through which a clinical chair’s position is named after a donor. The funds associated with this donor’s gift go toward the work of the clinical chair, providing resources for research, education, and other needs that arise. These are funds that would not necessarily be available to the clinical chair without this special recognition.

Named endowed chairs are an honor to both the chair holder and the donor. By establishing endowed chairs, Baystate Health will have a more competitive edge when seeking high-quality healthcare leaders and providers to join our medical team. It is a prestige that attracts the best and the brightest in their field of medicine, which allows the health system to provide the highest level of care to its patients.

Ronald T. Burkman Endowed Chair Of Obstetrics And Gynecology

In 2021, former Baystate Health Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Ronald Burkman, created the first named endowed chair position for the health system. Dr. Burkman endowed his former position, held by Dr. Heather Sankey, whom Dr. Burkman recruited to Baystate Health and continues to serve as a mentor to today. Read more.

Harold Grinspoon Endowed Chair of Psychiatry

In 2023, Harold Grinspoon made a generous contribution to endow the Chair of Psychiatry at Baystate Health. The inaugural holder of the Harold Grinspoon Chair of Psychiatry, Dr. Barry Sarvet, plans to use the funds to grow the clinical workforce, continue to educate the public to address mental health stigma, and improve systems to make them easier to access.

Contact us: To learn more about creating or contributing to an existing endowed fund, contact Baystate Health Foundation at 413-794-6414 or email Jennifer Gruszka, Stewardship Manager.

Current Endowed Funds

List of Named Endowed Chairs and Their Holders

Harold Grinspoon Endowed Chair of Psychiatry (est. 2023)

Holder: Dr. Barry Sarvet

Mark A. Keroack, MD Endowed Chair of Medicine (est. 2024)

Holder: Dr. Sarah Haessler

Ronald T. Burkman Endowed Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology (est. 2021)

Holder: Dr. Heather Z. Sankey

Learn more about the available clinical chairs by contacting Baystate Health Foundation at 413-794-5444 or

List of Endowed Funds

Adams Nurse Education Fund (est. pre-1987)

This fund supports the education of nurses.

Amelia Alexander Operating Room Equipment Fund (est. pre-1984)

This fund helps to purchase equipment for operating rooms.

The Antonacci Family Endowed Fund for Baystate Children’s Hospital (est. 2019)

This fund supports Baystate Children’s Hospital and the care of pediatric patients.

Roger D. Babson Fund (est. 1981)

This fund supports the treatment of patients with mental distress.

Baystate Home Health and Hospice Endowment (est. 2014)

This fund supports the operations of Baystate Home Health and Hospice in providing skilled, compassionate care for patients at home and in the hospital. The fund was established by a community of donors in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Baystate Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice, now known as Baystate Home Health and Hospice.

The Rebecca L. Bounds Memorial Endowment for Patient Care in Nephrology (est. 2022)

The purpose of the Fund is to enhance and enrich care, treatment and guidance for patients with kidney disease through the Department of Nephrology at Baystate Health.

Bridgman Nurses Fund (est. 1956)

This fund supports educational opportunities for student nurses, graduates, or nurses employed at Baystate Medical Center.

Dr. Martin I. Broder Education Fund (est. 2003)

This fund supports an annual grand rounds lecture on medical education, Humanism, and professionalism. Established with generosity and vision by Dr. Broder’s colleagues, this endowed fund honors his long and outstanding service with Baystate Health and commitment to the transformative power of knowledge, continuing education, and conversation.

The Dr. Fairy P. P. Brown Restricted Endowment (est. 1990)

This fund supports care for patients with chronic or incurable illnesses.

Ronald T. Burkman Endowed Chair in Obstetrics & Gynecology (est. 2021)

The purpose of the fund is to enhance Baystate Health’s ability to attract and retain distinguished faculty and/or clinical leadership in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and to maintain high clinical, educational and research standards for the treatment of obstetrical and gynecological patients. This fund carries on the legacy of excellence Dr. Burkman through to the Department in education, research, mentoring, and compassionate patient care in his leadership as chair, educator, researcher, and clinician.

Mollie Jean Carr and Thomas G. Carr Fund (est. 2007)

This fund helps to develop and enhance nurse-patient family relationships and provides the necessary educational training/teaching to further these relationships.

Barbara M. Clarke Memorial Fund (est. 1994)

This fund, established by Arthur H. Clarke, provides perpetual support to honor the legacy of his late wife Barbara M. Clarke and to improve the health and well-being of women through health education.

The Dr. Nicholas P. Coe Fund for Surgical Education (est. 2016)

This fund provides perpetual support to enhance resources for surgical residents to further their medical education, experiences and learning. Established by Pam Coe, friends and colleagues, the fund honors the late Dr. Nicholas P. Coe’s lifelong commitment to fostering an environment of learning and enhancing surgical skills and teaching.

The DeJoy-Nuger-Graves Endowment for the Division of Midwifery (est. 2024)

This fund supports the Baystate Division of Midwifery practice, education, research and leadership development, with consideration of public health, healthcare quality, and promotion of a diverse midwifery workforce.

The Francis D. Dibble, Sr. and Caitlin Dibble Ross Memorial Fund (est. 2014)

This fund honors the memory of Francis D. Dibble, Sr., and Caitlin Dibble Ross by providing perpetual operating support to the Baystate Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice (now Baystate Home Health & Hospice).

The Esleeck Memorial Fund in Memory of the Esleeck Family - Irving, Cathleen, and Edwin (est. 2023)

This fund supports the greatest needs of Baystate Franklin Medical Center. Established with an estate gift from Cathleen Esleeck, who served as volunteer and volunteer leader at Baystate Franklin, this fund honors the memory of Cathy, her husband of 62 years, Irving (Red), their son Edwin, and their commitment to the health of the community.

Richard J. Fingeroth, MD Endowed Fund for Joint Replacement Surgery (est. 2011)

This fund supports the Total Joint Replacement Program to enhance existing programming and develop new programming opportunities to address the evolving healthcare needs of this patient population and remain competitive in the healthcare environment of the future.

Lynn and William Foggle Endowed Fund (est. 2016)

This fund provides financial support for the Baystate Health and Vascular Program for the greatest needs of patient care—ensuring the breadth and quality of life-saving cardiac services for all future patients.

Ken Frankel, MD Fund for Collaborative Surgical Education (est. 2007)

This fund supports surgical simulation and skills training through the Baystate Simulation Center and Goldberg Surgical Skills Laboratory for a variety of learners in multiple specialty areas. This fund was established by family and friends as a tribute to Dr. Frankel, who brought contemporary thoracic surgery to the region and who valued collaborative training and cross-disciplinary approaches to patient care.

Paul Friedmann, MD Surgical Resident Education and Research Fund (est. 1997)

The purpose of this fund is to recognize and promote the education and research activities of Baystate Medical Center’s surgical residents. Established by the generosity of friends and colleagues, this fund celebrates Dr. Friedmann’s stellar service as the chairman of the Department of Surgery at Baystate Medical Center, and in leadership roles for Baystate Health and the Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute, among other accomplishments.

Dr. Sheldon Goldberg Memorial Lectureship Fund (est. 2000)

This fund supports a lecture in otolaryngology, the study of diseases of the ear and throat, for physicians and students.

Arthur Gramse, MD, Memorial Fund (est. 1984)

This fund supports the Health Sciences Library at Baystate Health.

The Grodsky Family Endowed Fund for Patient Care (est. 2017)

This fund is used to provide financial support for the greatest needs for patient care at Baystate Medical Center, inclusive of all Springfield campus entities and programs.

The Harold Grinspoon Endowed Chair of Psychiatry (est. 2023)

This fund provides financial resources for programs, capital, education, research, or patient care initiatives to support excellence within the Department of Psychiatry. The purpose of the fund is to enhance Baystate Health’s ability to attract and retain distinguished faculty and/or clinical leadership in the Department of Psychiatry and to maintain high clinical, educational and research standards for the treatment of medical patients.

Priscilla Hall Cancer Research Fund (est. 2002)

The purpose of this fund is to support cancer research activities for the Department of Pathology.

The Stephen V. Hall, MD Endowed Fund for Anesthesiology Residency (est. 2019)

This fund honors Dr. Stephen V. Hall’s career as an accomplished anesthesiologist and provides resources necessary to support and encourage young, aspiring anesthesiologists and researchers to continue advancing the field of anesthesiology. This fund is used to invest in the teaching and mentoring of anesthesiology residents at Baystate Health by enhancing clinical, academic and research opportunities to foster growth, learning and excellence.

Hanmer Family Endowment (est. 2014)

This fund supports the greatest needs of Baystate Home Health & Hospice.

Hematology/Oncology Education & Research Fund (est. 1988)

This fund supports education and research endeavors related to hematology and oncology at Baystate Health.

Dr. & Mrs. Louis Izenstein Fund for Education & Research in Diabetes and Endocrinology (est. 1994)

This fund provides resources to bring nationally and internationally renowned figures in the field of diabetes, metabolism, or obesity to Baystate Medical Center to share research that has or will significantly advance the prevention or treatment of such disorders. Started by Dr. Louis Izenstein’s family upon his death in 1996 to honor his memory, this fund celebrates a pioneer and visionary, who developed an academic department of medicine with the special focus on the development of high-level faculty and state-of-the-art management of diabetes.

The Ann Jarrett Children’s Fund (est. 2005)

This fund supports the care provided by Baystate Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice, now known as Baystate Home Health & Hospice, for terminally ill patients and their families with a special concern for children who are experiencing a death, either their own or that of a family member. This fund supports patients and families to experience death with dignity and peace.

Melissa Jennings Bereavement Counseling Program Fund (est. 1989)

This fund helps maintain a bereavement counseling program at Baystate Medical Center.

David and Ruth Katz Endowed Fund (est. 2015)

This fund supports the greatest needs for patient care at Baystate Medical Center.

Mark A. Keroack, MD Endowed Chair of Medicine (est. 2022)

This fund supports excellence in the Department of Medicine through funding for programs, capital, education, research, or patient care initiatives, with a preference for activities related to education and research, at the discretion of the chair of medicine. The purpose of the fund is to enhance Baystate Health’s ability to attract and retain distinguished faculty and/or clinical leadership in the Department of Medicine and to maintain high clinical, educational, and research standards for the treatment of medical patients. This fund carries on Dr. Mark A. Keroack’s legacy of leadership, mentorship, and compassionate clinical care.

The John S. Lane & Son Endowed Fund (est. 2019)

This fund provides support for patient care at Baystate Noble Hospital.

Kevin and Sue Lawson Endowment for Patient Experience (est. 2024)

This purpose of this fund is to enhance and expand patient experience initiatives to support the best in quality, safety, and care. Kevin and Sue established this fund to continue their longtime investment in patient experience work as active volunteers, leaders, donors, and grateful patients. Preference is for projects that support age-friendly care for elders; for education and training, particularly in communication skills; and/or for other projects that provide solutions to increase the safety and quality of the patient experience.

Dr. Isaac Lewin Memorial Fund (est. 1981)

This fund supports cancer education for physicians and other healthcare professionals to promote inter-hospital cooperation in cancer education.

Benjamin Liptzin MD Endowed Fund for Psychiatry (est. 2021)

This fund supports programs, capital, education, research, or patient care initiatives to support excellence within the Department of Psychiatry, with a preference for activities that enhance education and research. This fund honors Dr. Benjamin Liptzin, a distinguished physician, researcher, educator and mentor, who had a long and prominent career in psychiatry, including pioneering the subspecialty of geriatric psychiatry and serving as chair of psychiatry at Baystate Health for 25 years.

The Anthony P. Lovell, MD Memorial Endowed Award for Excellence (est. 2018)

This fund supports a graduating medical student from the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School-Baystate entering a Baystate Health Residency Program. This fund honors Dr. Anthony Lovell’s legacy through support of a student who epitomizes Dr. Lovell’s life-long commitment to serving the community and to providing highly skilled and deeply compassionate medical care to their patients, and who shows great promise for a remarkable career in medicine. This fund helps Baystate Health continue to attract and retain the best and brightest future physicians to the region.

The Marcotte Endowment for Patient Care at Baystate Children’s Hospital (est. 2023)

The purpose of this fund is to provide annual support for priority areas of need at Baystate Children’s Hospital.

John W. McNair Endowed Fund (est. 2006)

This fund supports the care and treatment of patients with lymphedema.

John McP. and Mary Louise Collins Fund for Hospice Continuous Care (est. 2007)

This fund supports the care, comfort and consolation that are not usually covered by insurance or other conventional sources for hospice and palliative care patients and their families.

OB/GYN Wesson Women’s Staff Fund (est. 1992)

This fund provides a continuous source of funding for projects that go beyond budget constraints.

The J. Mark Peterman, MD Endowment for the Advancement of Cardiovascular Care (est. 2013)

This fund provides a critical and perpetual source of support for education and training for Baystate Health’s cardiac and vascular team of skilled physicians, advanced practitioners and care teams to provide the best in cardiovascular care. The fund was established by colleagues and friends of Dr. J. Mark Peterman to celebrate his retirement. Among many accomplishments, cardiologist Dr. Peterman developed the nationally and internationally renowned Baystate Regional Heart Attack Program at Baystate Health.

Samuel D. Plotkin Memorial Cardiac Symposium Fund (est. 1990)

This fund supports an annual Cardiology symposium to support safe, effective, patient centered, timely, efficient, equitable and compassionate care. The symposium brings together cardiologists, hospitalists, primary care physicians, physician assistants, emergency medicine physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, cardiovascular technologists and more.

The Polga-Sachsse Endowed Fund for Radiology (est. 2016)

The purpose of the fund is to provide resources for an annual lecture and case-based or didactic educational sessions by experts in diagnostic imaging practices with the goal of supplementing radiology resident education and providing continuing medical education for faculty at Baystate Health. This fund honors the combined 90 years of unsurpassed speed, efficiency and accuracy of Dr. Eckart Sachsse and Dr. James P. Polga in interpreting plain film and flouroscopy at Baystate Health.

The Niels Rathlev, MD, Endowment for Emergency Medicine Research and Academics

This fund provides ongoing support of Baystate Health’s academic mission by funding research and training opportunities to advance academic emergency medicine.

Rays of Hope Endowment (est. 2023)

This fund, created in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Rays of Hope Walk & Run Toward the Cure of Breast Cancer by a group of its founders, provides support to the Rays of Hope project budget to continue its mission, approved annually by the Community Advisory Board. A project initiated by community members in partnership with Baystate Health Foundation, Rays of Hope has been helping individuals in the fight against breast cancer since 1994. Through the Baystate Health Breast Network, Rays of Hope cares for the whole person, from diagnosis and beyond. Rays of Hope does this by supporting research at the Rays of Hope Center for Breast Cancer Research, providing funding for state-of-the-art equipment, investing in breast health programs, outreach and education, and awarding grants to community partners for complementary therapies and programs.

The Edward O. Reiter, MD Endowed Fund for the Pediatric Residency Program at Baystate Health (est. 2022)

This fund is used to enhance and strengthen Baystate Health’s pediatric residency program, as well as further the development of pediatric fellowships. Established by friends and family in 2012 upon Dr. Reiter's retirement as Chair of Pediatrics, this fund was endowed in 2022 to honor his leadership and continue his commitment to a mission for which he cared deeply throughout his career: training the next generation of pediatric physicians and specialists.

Dr. J. Gordon and Audrey Higgins Rich Endowed Fund (est. 2006)

The fund supports the Baystate Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice (now Baystate Home Health & Hospice) with a focus on palliative care and hospice. This fund was established with generosity and vision by Audrey Rich to honor her husband’s belief in the power of healthcare and their commitment to give back to the local community.

The Sergienko Endowed Fund (est. 2019)

This fund provides financial support for Baystate Health’s Acute Care for Elders Program with a preference for palliative care programs and health services for the elderly population served by the health system.

John F. Shaw Respiratory Fund (est. 1972)

This fund is used for developing improved diagnostic, treatment, and educational programs in respiratory disease at Baystate Medical Center.

The Michael Steingart Memorial Endowed Fund for Neuroscience (est. 2018)

Preference for use of this fund is to bring noted leaders in the field of neuroscience to Baystate Health to lecture on advances in neuroscience and related fields to stimulate thought, understanding and action. Established with a gift from the estate of Lotte Steingart and her family, this lectureship is given in memory of her beloved grandson Michael to support education and research in Neuroscience, with a preferred focus on the field of Movement Disorders such as Tourette syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, and other clinical disorders.

Kristin Stueber, MD Endowment for Education in Plastic Surgery (est. 2008)

This fund supports continuing education in plastic surgery and honors Kristin Stueber, MD’s leadership as Division Chief of plastic surgery at Baystate Medical Center, her commitment to educational excellence and her advancement of cleft lip and palate surgery, among many other accomplishments.

Walter W. Swazey Equipment Fund – Wesson Memorial Unit (est. 1984)

This fund supports the purchase of equipment for Baystate Medical Center - Wesson Memorial Unit.

Vascular Medicine & Surgery Research Fund (est. 2003)

This fund supports research in the field of vascular medicine and surgery.

Bernard J. and Norma R. Vinick Medical Resident Education Fund (est. 2015)

The fund brings resources to Baystate Medical Center for the benefit of medical residents, including medical resident travel to make presentations at national meetings, medical resident travel to other institutions, educational programs for medical residents and research.

Richard B. Wait, MD, PhD Endowed Leadership Lecture Fund (est. 2015)

This fund supports an annual lecture/symposium(s) by a recognized speaker on physician leadership with the goal of helping to develop strong leadership capabilities for surgery residents and surgeons at Baystate Health. The fund was established from contributions raised during a fundraising effort led by the surgical chiefs to celebrate Richard B. Wait, MD, PhD, Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Baystate from 1998 until 2015.

David and Marcy Wilson Endowed Fund for Heart & Vascular Patient Care (est. 2019)

This fund supports patient care through the Baystate Health Heart & Vascular Program.

The Anne Kedzierski Woodson and Thomas S. Woodson Endowment for Patient Care at Baystate Noble Hospital (est. 2022)

This fund provides unrestricted, lasting funding for Baystate Noble Hospital (BNH) to support the best in quality, safety, and care for patients.

The Setrag A. Zacarian, MD Memorial Lectureship Fund (est. 2003)

This fund provides perpetual support to bring experts in dermatology to Baystate Health to speak on best practices, new treatments, and exciting breakthroughs. This fund was established by Dr. Zacarian’s colleagues at New England Dermatology and Laser to honor his memory and commitment to the advancement of medical knowledge.

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