How to Host a Fundraiser

Baystate Health Foundation is the charitable entity for Baystate Health, supporting all of its programs, services, hospitals, and locations. If you’re interested in raising funds for anything from Baystate Children’s Hospital to a unit at Baystate Franklin Medical Center, we serve as the conduit for making it happen.

We encourage you to learn more about hosting your own fundraiser on behalf of Baystate Health below. If you're ready to move forward, please fill out our fundraiser form to share a bit more of your plans. We appreciate your interest and support!

Host Your Own Fundraiser Form 

Interested in holding your own fundraiser for Baystate Health Foundation? We’re here to help!

How Baystate Health Foundation can help with your event

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in supporting Baystate Health Foundation (BHF) through your own fundraiser. Here are some ways our team can help you get started once you’ve received approval from BHF:

  • Provide a letter of authorization that will allow you to validate the authenticity of the event and its organizers if/when you’re seeking out sponsorships or donations.
  • Provide you a special BHF logo to be used on your promotional items.
  • Promote the event on the BHF social media pages through a posting leading up to the event.

BHF staff members and Baystate Health team members are not able to attend all events and we cannot guarantee that there will be any Baystate Health presence at your event. If you’re looking for volunteers, consider seeking out friends and family members that may be interested in helping.

Baystate Health Foundation (BHF) does not extend its non-profit tax exemption to event organizers or provide tax receipts for any in-kind and/or monetary gifts made to third-party events. Donations from third-party events should be sent to BHF within 30 days of the event. Upon receiving the donation, which should be sent to BHF in a single check, BHF will issue on tax receipt to the organization or individual responsible for the third-party event. BHF does not provide funding/reimbursement for event expenses, provide hospital and/or donor mailing lists, or provide insurance coverage.

What you're agreeing to when you request to host a fundraising event

We appreciate all of your support and have a few things we’d like to let you know before you apply to host a fundraiser. We encourage you to make sure you know your responsibilities and the responsibilities of Baystate Health Foundation (BHF) prior to starting the request process.

When you submit your request to host your own fundraising event to BHF, you are agreeing to the following:

  • I will not promote the event or make any public announcement about the event until I receive approval from BHF.
  • I will not represent myself as an agent of Baystate Health Foundation (BHF), Baystate Health (BH), or its member entities or programs.
  • I am aware that my event should project a minimum net profit of 75% of the gross proceeds and that all net proceeds from the event designated to benefit BHF must go to BHF.
  • You, as the event organizer, are solely responsible for any insurance.
  • I understand that BHF has the right to direct me to cancel my event and that I must comply and release BHF, BH, its member entities, officers, and employees from any liability in connection to such action.

Legal Policies

  • No contracts or service agreements should be signed before event approval is granted. BHF reserves the right to review all related contracts and agreements.
  • As the event organizer, you are solely responsible for any state or local licensing, event permits, and, when appropriate, the filing of appropriate forms with the Office of the Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. If you have questions, reach out to a member of the Baystate Health Foundation staff.
  • You, as the event organizer, are solely responsible for any insurance.

Tax Policies

As the event organizer, you are solely responsible for all federal, state, and local tax compliance, including but not limited to all tax reporting and related tax withholding. Raffle permits and reporting are the responsibility of the event organizer. Information and permits can be obtained by the city or town hall where the winning raffle tickets will be pulled. For example, if your event is held in South Hadley, MA, and that’s where you’ll draw the winning ticket(s), you must obtain a permit from the town of South Hadley. Learn more about the laws in Massachusetts.

What can I support?

Baystate Health Foundation has a variety of entities and programs you can support.

  • Baystate Children’s Hospital/Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
  • Baystate Franklin Medical Center
  • Baystate Medical Center
  • Baystate Noble Hospital
  • Baystate Home Health
  • Baystate Wing Hospital
  • Rays of Hope
  • Heart & Vascular Program

Don’t see what you’re looking for on the list? Reach out to us to inquire about other options you can support at

After your event is approved, here are some things to remember
  • The names of any businesses solicited for support must be submitted to Baystate Health Foundation (BHF) so that conflicts may be avoided with sponsors and donors who may already be involved with other BHF fundraising efforts. Although this event is approved by BHF, we ask that you please refrain from using your connection with BHF as a method to secure sponsorships.
  • BHF does not have the capacity to provide volunteers to help support events or to assist in ticket sales or sponsorships.
  • BHF does not endorse products. BHF may choose to accept proceeds from discount promotions by reputable firms that sell products wholesale or retail. In each case, the product promotion will be reviewed by the BHF for approval. Background information may be required from an organization that wants to do a promotion to benefit BHF or its affiliated entities.
Publicity and Logo Guidelines
  • The public should be informed of how Baystate Health Foundation (BHF) or its affiliated entities will benefit from the event. If BHF or its affiliated entities will not receive 100% of the proceeds, an exact percentage or amount must be stated on related publicity. (e.g., If $5 from every $20 ticket sold is benefitting BHF, that should be disclosed)
  • All print collateral must be approved by a member of the BHF team. Just remember to submit your print materials to BHF for approval at least 10 days before you’re planning to use them. It’s helpful to hold off on printing them until after you received approval from BHF to avoid doubling your work and cost.
  • Baystate Health member entities or program logos may only be used in conjunction with the BHF’s “In Support of” logo, which will be provided to you via email after authorization of your event.
  • Notice should be provided to a member of the BHF team when media coverage is purchased or earned.
  • All logos may only be reproduced in original colors or black and white.
  • Do not stretch logos or otherwise manipulate logos in any way.

Additional Guidelines for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

  • When referring to this entity, please always use the full name: Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.
  • The logo may only be reproduced in its original colors or solid black and white. The logo should not be reformatted in any way. Using the balloon only or “Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals” in any other combination is improper.
  • The tagline may only be removed from the logo if the logo is printed with a width of two inches or fewer or when readability is an issue.
Tips for promoting your event
  • Use social media! Spreading news of your event through social media is an effective (and free!) way to raise awareness.
    • Create a Facebook event and encourage your followers to share it.
    • Create a CrowdRise or similar page to promote online giving if you’re looking to accept online donations.
    • You also can submit information about your event to Baystate Health Foundation (BHF) for consideration to be posted on the Baystate Health Foundation Facebook page.
  • Create flyers or other print materials to promote your event. We’re happy to share a special BHF logo with you to use.
  • If the event is open to the public, submit event information to community calendars through Facebook, local organizations, and radio and TV stations.
  • Talk about your event with friends, family members, colleagues, and anyone else you feel may be interested! Word of mouth serves as an excellent way to share your message.
How to donate the proceeds of your fundraiser

Please send donations from your fundraiser within thirty (30) days of your event to the address below:

Baystate Health Foundation

280 Chestnut Street

Springfield, MA 01199

Checks should be made payable to Baystate Health Foundation.

Don’t forget to include your event name and contact information with your donation.

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