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Health Professions Education Research

Baystate Education Research and Scholarship of Teaching (BERST) Academy promotes excellence in health professions education by facilitating scholarship and research across all health professions. BERST provides support and collaboration for clinician educators by consulting on the conceptualization and implementation of scholarship and research, from design to writing to dissemination.

BERST Scholarship Special Interest Group

BERST offers a SIG for health professions educators interested in scholarship and research. It's available to educators across the system and covers the organization and dissemination of scholarship and research, including research and evaluation design, scholarly writing, and opportunities for dissemination.

Research Areas

Many of our clinician educators publish research and scholarship pertaining to:

Simulation education

Interventions and innovative teaching methods developed and implemented in the Baystate Simulation Center and Goldberg Surgical Skills Lab

Curriculum design

Innovative curricula designed to fill a gap in students’ knowledge or skills

Professional development

Innovative ways that we train our teachers to better prepare future clinicians

Research Support

The BERST Scholarship SIG is led by Rebecca Blanchard, a PhD-trained education researcher with experience in quantitative and qualitative research methods. Dr. Blanchard directly supports clinician educators through BERST by encouraging collaboration and offering guidance on:

  • Conceptualizing education projects into education research
  • Theoretical or conceptual frameworks
  • Instrument selection or design
  • Defining outcomes of interest
  • Identifying scholarship opportunities, including clinical education conferences and peer reviewed journals

For More Information

Contact the Director of BERST Academy, Rebecca Blanchard, PhD.