Advanced Practitioner Students

Based on the high demand for student placement at Baystate Health, we have implemented a centralized process for requesting clinical rotations.

All clinical placement requests for any Baystate hospital, clinic, or practice must use this process. Institutions should not reach out to any provider or entity directly.

Email clinical requests to our Advanced Practice Student Request Inbox.

Streamlined Process for Placing Advanced Practitioner Students

We have a streamlined process for placing Advanced Practitioner students enrolled at Preferred Academic Institutions with affiliation agreements with Baystate Health.

How We Prioritize and Schedule AP Student Placements

Baystate Health aims to develop a high performing workforce by:

  • Strengthening the link between academic partnerships and workforce development activities
  • Training the next generation of providers to deliver team-based, patient centered care

To support this aim, we use this rubric to prioritize and schedule clinical placements.

Priority Student Type
Benefit Potential Conflict(s)
1 Nurse practitioner / BH employee - with funding support and retention

Employee engagement workforce development

Family medicine rotation
2 Nurse practitioner / BH employee - no retention agreement, from preferred academic institution Employee engagement workforce development Family medicine rotation
3 Physician assistant from preferred academic institution Preceptor stipend Scheduling NP students (rotation are not interchangeable)
4 Family member / BH provider requests to precept Employee engagement workforce development Scheduling
5 Nurse practitioner from preferred academic institution Workforce development Family medicine rotation

Preferred Academic Institutions

  • Have a purposeful connection to workforce planning and provides a training program that will endow trainees with skills that are needed by Baystate Health in delivery of its mission
  • Provide financial support to cover precepting costs AND/OR reciprocal benefits for Baystate Health or its employees, i.e. continuing education units, fee discounts, and/or joint appointments
  • Provide good value for current and future employees and be not-for-profit when possible

Preferred Nurse Practitioner (or Graduate Nursing Program) Institutions

Preferred Physician Assistant Institutions

Please note: Baystate Health will not be entering into any new affiliation agreements.b

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