PGY2 Emergency Medicine Pharmacy Resideny Curriculum

The PGY2 Emergency Medicine Pharmacy Residency Program will adapt to the needs of the individual resident and will customize the training program for the resident based upon assessment of the resident’s knowledge, skills, attitudes, abilities, and interests at program orientation and at each of the first three quarterly evaluations.

Nevertheless, the program will provide a structured experience to create the foundation for quality emergency medicine practice.

Core Required Rotations

  • ED Introduction and Clinical Operations (4 weeks)

  • Emergency Medicine 1, 2 and 3 (6-8 weeks each)

  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine (4 weeks)

  • Adult Medical Intensive Care (4 weeks)

  • Adult Surgical Intensive Care (4 weeks)

  • Neuro Critical Care (2 weeks)

Elective Rotations

4 weeks each—Complete 2:

  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Pediatric Critical Care
  • Medication Safety

Longitudinal Learning Experiences

Inpatient Pharmacy Services – Clinical Staffing

Staffing – Every 3rd weekend (will include ED weekend shifts)

Research or Quality Improvement Project

  • Project design and research
  • IRB Approval
  • Project presentation (UHC, Eastern States)
  • Manuscript worthy of publication

Education and Precepting

  • Continuing Education Presentations
  • Emergency Medicine Resident Morning conference presentation
  • ED Nursing Education
  • Precept/Mentor Pharmacy Students and/or PGY1 Residents
  • Advanced Teaching

Emergency Medicine Administration and Leadership

  • Emergency Management Committee involvement
  • ED Committee involvement
  • MUE/Drug Monograph for P&T committee
  • Drug Formulary Management

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